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Drug Test Deadline

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by NoRiceForMe, Apr 8, 2006.

  1. Ok... here's my dilemma. I've been an avid smoker for the last 4 years nonstop. But for the last 4 months i've quit (problems with non-smokers). Anyway, i think i'm getting drug tested monday and i want to know if that i take one big hit of dro tonight, will it be clear of my system by monday? I'm 6' tall and 150 lbs fast metabolism. I just need some expert advice that's why i posted in here. Later, Garrett
  2. Roulett, just because he's asking a question about drug testing does not mean he just came here for everyones info, and that definitely doesn't justify you being a dick to him. We really don't need to hear what you have to say to newcomers so just don't say anything.

    Yes you should be clean by monday even if you smoke a bowl or two, just drink lots of water and maybe even pick up some Niacin pills, green tea works too. Hope you pass.
  3. I passed a piss test after 8 days of not smoking
  4. cool man, Thanks a lot for the INFO. haha later:smoke:
  5. I used to work for a medical review officer, I know sounds ironic, and what i saw over the years was this. The thc attaches to the fatty tissues in the digestive system and can actually take up to 4 weeks to drop below the minimum thresh hold for the test. I have actually done instant testing on myself a few times - I smoke everyday, and it takes me 3 weeks to clean out.
    You can drink a lot of water, but that makes your specimine lack protein and return as a diluted sample, sometimes causing you to have to re-test. Some health foods stores sell what they call a cleansing solution that adds protein and a food coloring that covers the dillution. The last one i tried cost me $52 US for 20 ounces of drink. It worked for my own test.

    Good luck

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