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drug test comming up help me!!!!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by newera4lyfe, Jan 15, 2010.

  1. ok im gettin a job as a security at the airport, i had my interview today(thursday jan 14) the guy said they have a great drug test, that they will check everything in my body, i havnt smoked since new years , but i usually smoke evry day from 3-5 blunts a day....ive been drinkin lots of water since new years because i been trying to get a job...any way you think i can beat it, or to get it out my system?
  2. if you abstain from smoking until the test, you will be fine. DONT RELAPSE whatever you do! Your in the clear right now so dont risk it!
  3. It's all probably flushed out of your system by now anyway , if not then most of it.
    Just keep at it.
  4. Keep drinking water, exercise, drink cranberry juice and you should be fine. When is the drug test?
  5. if everything goes right the drug test should be between tuesday or thursday(jan 19-21)
  6. Hey im new here and I also have a drug test and its coming up tomorrow, and I down a Test Pure Platinum like 15 mins ago. I was wondering if i will pass tomorrow.
  7. Most of it should be out already, but if you wanna be safe Niacin and water the day before your test. Drinking a shitload of water days before won't work because THC isn't fat soluble. 1 Gallon of water the night before your test with a safe amount of Niacin (NIACIN CAN CAUSE LIVER FAILURE IF YOU TAKE TOO MUCH)
    Then a gallon of water the morning of your test, and take a couple of pisses before you give your sample. Never give the first part of the stream and never empty the last part of the stream into your sample. Not guaranteeing it will work, but I used to smoke EVERY day multiple times a day, and I had to stop for 30 days and passed my Army drug test this way. And I know it wasn't out of my sytem yet because I had to take a drug screen beforehand and failed.
  8. thanks sooo much. yea I am also a heavy smoker for the pass 6 months and I hope i pass ill let you know.

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