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Discussion in 'General' started by Danny Dank, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. Hey everyone, new to the forum, but I have a pretty urgent and serious question.

    I'm currently on probation right now and have a drug test coming up soon. Long story short, I have been clean for the past 9 months and wasn't expecting to get tested for the next 40 days, so I smoked up for the first time this past Friday.

    It wasn't much, I split a bowl with a friend. Maybe 5 or 6 hits. Not dro, just some good reggie. Next day I wake up to a letter from my PO saying I have to make a drop before this Friday. Go figure right?

    Now I know smoking on probation is a dipshit move, you don't have to tell me that, but I have been on probation before (2 year stint) and have NEVER been asked to test before my reporting date. This one seems to have something against me though.

    Anyway, in the last year and a half of the last time I was on probation (07-09), I got through the last year and a half chiefin' everyday by using synthetic urine and a whizzinator.

    My question is what type of test do you think they are using? The other times I took the test the results always came back fairly fast, some times as soon as an hour, and never longer than a day. I know they aren't shipping it out to a lab or anything and sincerely doubt they have a lab of superior caliber in the court house.

    I have seen print outs from the results paper before. They do test for the usual like creatine levels, pH, specific gravity, etc., but I can beat that with the synthetics. I have a friend I can probably get a clean drop from, but it isn't certain.

    Do you think I'll have problem getting by with a synthetic if worse comes to worse? I haven't had a hot drop before, but I really can't afford one considering I have a hearing for my license coming up in July.

    I know I messed up, no need to tell me that. I am just looking for some educated answers, hopefully from people with some recent experience.


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