Drug Test coming up, and no idea how or if i'll pass it.

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  1. I recently picked up on smoking around October of 2015, to ease my stress and to mellow out. Which usually consisted of two or three blunts a day with about 1.5 grams in each, if not more.The reason is because my mother decided to take me to court for the custody of my son. I gave her no reason to suspect he was in danger or anything like that, I just told her I didn't want her in my life or my son's after the scene she made at the time of his birth.
    She had already had temporary custody of him when i began to smoke, however they told me it would be a two year battle. turns out as of two weeks ago the battle should be over this coming Wednesday.
    I was told the usually test in the final hearings and i set into panic. I quit cold turkey on 3/23/16. I started drinking tons of water, Gatorade and green tea. anywhere from one to two gallons a day. literally til i feel as if i'm drowning. I also was told to take Niacin 500mg two a day everyday until the night before. I'm not all that active but i've been up and down with nerves so i can't sit still for more than an hour.
    Someone else told me to drink pectin (stuff used in home preservatives), mixed in Gatorade saying the third or fourth time i urinate it should be clean but not after.
    If anyone could help please let me know as soon as possible. Please. Any help. Thank you.
  2. Use fake pee or find some clean stuff. I would'nt want to risk losing my son because of weed

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  3. You won't. You stopped on the 23rd and you're getting tested on the 30th, yes? probably need at least 2.5-3 weeks
  4. Where would I purchase it?
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  5. Online, headshop. I would go to a headshop and ask what they recommend.
  6. Okay, Thank you
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    Listen, I have never failed a lab test using this method- and you already mentioned it. Plus its worked litterally a day after I smoked.
    Certo(pectin) mixed with 32 ounce Gatorade, chug gallon of water. Do this a few hours before your test, piss at least 6 times.
    This will result in a sample too diluted to test, I believe the result is called a false negative, but most importantly it wont be positive, which is all that matters.
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  8. Keep in mind Op not only are the clinics testing for dirty piss they also test for fake piss .. synthetic piss may not be the answer to your situation Op so be cautious & keep us posted ..

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