Drug Test at Court for a DUI?

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  1. Last thursday I received a DUI and my court date is wednesday. I'm meeting with my lawyer monday and on wednesday he is going to request a continuance. I've heard mixed opinions about receiving a drug test for DUI's when you go to court. Has anyone heard or experienced anything like that?

    Please don't respond with ur an idiot for drinking and driving...I was only driving 5 blocks to my house and in that 5 blocks I got pulled over. This DUI has forced me to drop all my classes for the semester because I'm unable to drive to the college and its a community college so there are no dorms. I appreciate any advice, input, or PM me if someone has had a related experience, thanks in advance
  2. i might be wrong but, can they even do anything if you fail? your going to court for different crime...not drugs couldn't you refuse to take it considering there would be no alcohol in your system so wouldn't it be unnecessary
  3. I was thinking the same thing. Like unless they thought I was on drugs at the court house then they wouldn't have any reason to test me. I'm just worried about all the shit going on and over-thinking just a bit...gota calm down lol
  4. doubt it. i was drug tested at my court date, which was for a paraphenelia charge which i guess is technically bud related. also i was a minor at the time. however i have two friends that went in for possession charges and didnt even get tested. so i guess it depends, but i wouldnt worry about it.
  5. You won't get tested when you go to court but if you get probation and have an officer he/she may/may not (it's their discretion) test you. The probation officer decides if you'll test or not. At least that's how Indiana works. Sucks you got pinched mate I feel for you, I really do. Unless this has ever happened to you, you have no idea how humiliated the feeling. Get a good lawyer. I got popped 6 blocks from my house about 14 yrs ago Indiana's law has stayed pretty much the same.
  6. I just had court a month ago for the same thing, they won't test you in court. You'll just talk to the judge prolly. He might sentence you to probation though which they will drug test you unless its bench probation.
  7. Take a t-break and think about your life... or get laid.
  8. Depends man on how bitchy your probation officer will be...
    Mine never dropped me for the whole year she was assigned to my case.

  9. Yes, all DUI people get drug tested by your probation officer. How much you get tested or how regularly depends on your P.O. But having a positive test gets you fucked over dude.
  10. Entirely too much wrong information. You will not be tested at your court date if you have a lawyer. If your case has just begun, they will continue your case for at least several months, depending on how much your court system is backed up. Depending if your charge gets ammended, you may only have a reckless driving. If you eventually plea, you will most likely face probation, where, you most likely will not be tested at the intake session. You have a very high probability of being tested at your first meeting with your probation officer, however, this is far down the road if your case has just begun. DUI cases take a long long time.

    Source: Very recent experience:devious:

  11. I'm going from my girlfriend who this JUST happened to.. experiences vary in location.

    It took her about half a month to get fully processed and trialed, she ended up with a DUI (there is no way out of that, even if you have a good lawyer). You will then be put on probation, suspended license, and drug tested and alcohol tested by your PO when they choose too.
  12. if its your first court date it will be your arraignment. they will just ask you if you want to hire private counsel or have one appointed for you. then they give you another court date usually around 30 days later.
  13. Like someone else said, it's pretty discretionary when it comes to DUIs and drug tests, I think more often than not they will give you drug tests. Just gives them another reason to throw the book at you if you fuck up.

    One thing I HIGHLY suggest is getting enrolled in alcohol classes now. Guarantee that will be part of your sentence, and if you are already enrolled by the time your court date comes around it shows the court that you are being proactive and looks very good.
  14. Hi
    I also get suffer by same situation as suspended from college for 6 month because of DUI case.
  15. Don't drink and drive then its common sense
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  16. Thanks for your suggestion but i found guilty in wrong charges.
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    I've had 3 duis. It's up to the court if your going to be pissed. Nobody here can answer your question. Anyone trying too is just guessing. All judges and jurisdictions handle things differently. Often a judge will want a test before sentencing in order to decide the punishment. clean= less punishment...dirty= you're fucked. Sometimes they're just checking to see if you've been a good boy since the arrest. when you were bonded out or released after the arrest, chances are, part of being released is to obey all laws which gives them the right to test you you're 1st court appearence. even if not they still can.

    2 out of 3 duis I was tested in court before sentencing. All 3 I was tested after sentencing regularly......be prepared. 1st court date is just preliminar, however many times even with a lawyer a 1st time offender is settled on the 1st court date, often depending on a drug test. My 1st dui was settled at the preliminary. You will look guiltily if they offer a decent sentencing upon completion of a test and you or your lawyer asks for a continuance. Most judges and states attorneys will take that into consideration come sentencing, giving a stiffer penalty or less likely to work out a plea

    Seriously bro nobody here can give you advice on your sitiuation. I'm a 5x felon and more misdemeanors then I even know. 1 thing I've learned is DO NOT take the word of people who think they know what they're talking about. Instead get advice from people who know what they're talking about. A lawyer who knows the jurisdiction and judges the dui was in is the only person who can offer good advice. Talk to a lawyer. Testing is very common place anymore, even for non drug related offences. So don't think just because it's alcohol related and just because it is your 1st court appearence it won't happen. it is a possibile situation.
  18. Hey man restricted license with a breathalyzer in the car.

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  19. How much that shit cost ya? Lol
  20. 8 grand is what it cost my best friend I never had a dui

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