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drug test at concentra

Discussion in 'General' started by cheeba421, Dec 22, 2007.

  1. I have a drug test at a testing place called Concentra, it is in the USA. I was wondering if anyone has been there. If anyone could answer any of these questions I will smoke a joint for you(joking, but i will be smoking a joint.)

    - Do they go in with you?

    - I am not going to quit smoking pot for anyone/thing so I have to use the substitution method, using Quick Fix, anyone with experiences using Quick Fix?

    -Any other comments are appreciated.

    Thank You and have a J day.
  2. If its like the lab I went to- no they will not watch you. You empty out your pockets, lock everything in a box, go in and pee in the cup, then come out. They take the temperature of your sample, then send it away.

    Substitution is the best method. Tape whatever you need to your crotch.
  3. yeah i get tested there alot. its pretty cool, ive taken drinks and shakes in order to pass. latley i use synthetic urine, and one of those warm hands things tyhey sell at walmart to bring the temp up, i go into bathroom pull it out of my boot and pour it in, never had a problem.
  4. thanks a lot. I can stop running worst case scenarios through my head. puff tuff
  5. I just took the piss cup at Concentra. I kept the quick fix fake urine bottle in a coffee mug with hot water. down the street from the place i put it into the piece of duct tape i taped on my leg before. they had me wait for 45 minutes which sucked keeping it warm. I went in and poured it in and it was 93F. thanks again for the info.
  6. No problem my brother blade.
  7. how much did u have to fill? is 2 oucnes enough?!
  8. 2 ounces is just about perfect. I brought 2 ounces the first time I had to piss for a job and its exactly where she asked me to fill it up.

  9. so if i can, i should probably bring 3 ounces?
  10. More in this case will only hurt if you cant get it all up to temperature. Temperature is a must, volume is just so that they can use a thermometer and read the temp.

  11. so if i dun cover the strip am i screwed? ne one have a pic of one of these strips?
  12. I literally just got back from taking mine. It was simple, and i can personally say that I over thought it way too much. They deal with people day in and day out, they aren't going to keep a suspicious eye on you. Just be friendly. I was and she didnt even make me empty my pockets. The method I used for smuggling in clean pee is simple:
    Get a person whom you'll be getting the piss from to drive you there (in my instance it was my father- the shitty thing is he smoked 3 weeks ago so its a little iffy)
    Just before going get him or her to piss in a Spice container (Pill bottles are too small)
    Tuck the securely shut container in between two identical pair of boxer briefs, its a little awkward but the best area to keep the heat levels proper and keep a natural look to your walk is right between your balls and your asshole.
    When you go back carry little in your pockets and more importantly be polite and friendly, regardless of their attitude.
    They will send you into the bathroom which is immediately next to where they test so be very quiet at unscrewing the cap. For safety pull the container out just enough to appear as if it is your penis.
    Let out a piss streamed size dribble into the container up to the line, and just a little extra, once again for appearances. Splash remaining fluid into the toilet two or three times so it sounds like your finishing up.
    Hand the doctor the clean piss
    Go home and rip bongs.:bongin::metal::bongin:

    -Do not walk as if you have something pushed up in your taint.
    -Take as long in the bathroom as a normal piss, no longer, not too quick.
    -Sit with your legs spread in "I dont give a fuck" fashion. Dont bite your nails or other nervous reactions. I read a magazine.

    All in all don't be so nervous, I was just over an hour ago and it was pointless because i was prepared, and I hope with these steps you can be too.
  13. Hey guys lm new to this forum, I took a concentra physical including a 5 panel ecup escreen urine test. I had smoked 4 days prior, bought the Super P clean product, hope it worked. I took my hearing test first, then they gave me a tetnus shot. After that I was ready to pee. Right after the bathroom the nurse put my pee in that instant machine......didn't say the results, but then led me to a room where a doctor didn't a simple physical. After the physical by the doctor, I was led to a physical therapist who then tested my stamina with weights, walking up steps, sit ups....etc. When all this was done I was given a paper saying I passed and instructed to take it to the front desk to the original nurse who did all the previous exams. She acted much nice and then gave me a Concentra print out listing everything done for my physical including the ecup escreen. At the bottom of this paper under RESULTS it simply said No Physical Restrictions. She told me to give it to my employer. Does this mean I passed everything? I also read somewhere that now-a-days they won't even do the physical with the doctor if you fail the instant drug screen.....anyone have experience with this? I took the test this past Sat, haven't had any mro calls, but just now my phone rang with a 913 area code (Kansas) leaving a message hard to understand, but I know it refers to the job, left a message with an 888 number. I'm in California not Kansas. Does Concentra have an out of state mro call you. I'm scared to call back and find out. Do they state they're a MRO if they leave a message? My question more than anything is did anyone else get this print out from physical, does it mean I passed? Do they still do the doctor physical if you fail? Do they tell you right aesthetically if you fail? I know with the ecup escreen you get instant results, just sitting here freakin out about the message left for me from an out of state number. Any input is helpful! Took the test Sat, today is Fri a week later.
  14. I just went through this i know first hand if your getting a call from Kansas then your MRO is calling you to find out why you have a positive result i took a drug test at concentra friday sept 16 and had methadon in my system only used it once thought i was good that friday so i went in and took test failed the apprantely 5 days was not enough to pas the urine test for methadone..I waspissed and the employer called me and told me i had failed and i told them thats bs and they are giving me a retest so i going in today to retest I think the only reason i getting a retest is i just got out the military and they going off my rep and all the awrds i got while in and thats it..I think if i were just someone off the streets they would probably tell me to get fucked...hopefully this helps someone
  15. I know this post is old as hell but maybe this will help somebody today or tomorrow or in the future...I went to Concentra 2 day and substituted with absolutely no problems at all...it was for a pre employment test with DOT regulations and it was a urine test...walked in with my paperwork set for about a half hour and then went into this lil office with a bathroom attached to it...they had me empty my pockets, hang my jacket up and sign a couple of things then she handed me a cup.. took me in the bathroom told me not to flush and walked out and shut the door behind her..I had a little bottle with my friends clean urine tucked under my sack, poured it into the cup, peed a little in the toilet so it looks like I pissed and walked out and handed her the cup, temperature was good n everything..honestly I don't even think she looked at the temperature but that place was slam packed full of people so she may have been in a rush...just to be safe after my boy peed in the bottle I gave it to my girl so she could tuck it under her big titties and keep it warm for me on the ride there because it was about an hour away...didn't even take the test for about 4 hours after I got the clean urine but all was well..I had a cooking thermometer to test for temp, bought a cop of coffee on the way, the piss was a lil cold-93-so I got it up to about 97, and tucked it under my sack..I had on some very tight almost Bendix like underwear in two pairs of boxers over that to make sure the little bottle didn't move and it didn't move one bit...the main thing I want to let people know on here is that I was not followed into the bathroom by anybody but let's remember this was a pre-employment urinalysis, for other things like cause testing, they may watch you piss.

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  16. If the temp isn't satisfactory they would tell you right?
  17. i think i just screwed my self. I had to do a urine test with concentra I'm unaware of all these things you guys are mentioning like synthetic urine and quick fix. so i used someone else urine it wasn't the right temp so i tried to pee on the temp strip. Well it had a automatic strip in it so when my pee hit the cup it read positive for weed. Even tho my pee was no longer in the cup and I had poured the clean stuff in lady said they would send it off. what are they going to test the strip or the pee. Done this before with no problem this is the first time something like this has happened to me i don't know whats going to happen 
  18. You're fucked.
  19. figured as much... I'm still waiting for them to call me back said the results would be back today but haven't gotten a call yet. I have thought of all kinds of out comes been depressing myself just thinking about it since friday 
  20. So i have a drug test with Concentra tomorrow. I haven't smoked in a month. I did have a brownie a month ago. I have went running 10 times since then. I should be straight right?

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