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Drug Test At Class

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by tkelly260, May 30, 2013.

  1. Alright so im not on probation.. Got caught with .14 in stems so now im in the diversion program. The contract said I must complete 40hrs community service, do a 1 day class, and im subject to drug testing by law enforcement or diversion program person.
    Well I went in for my appt a month ago which was about 3 weeks after court. We discussed community service plan, she wrote down the date of the class for me (2.5hr class), and havent heard from her since.
    I havent been smoking much but the problem is that the class is just two days after Spring Awakening Music Festival in Chicago. Got VIP tickets and after party tickets so its safe to say.. I will be toking a fuck ton!
    Not sure if ill ever get a call for a drug test, however my concern is that they might test me when I go in to the class? Im sure others on here have had to take similar classes. Anyone ever get dropped when they went in for it?

  2. I think you're setting yourself up for failure, don't risk it.
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  3. Just get drunk man it's not worth going to jail
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  4. when i got busted and had to do the whole community service deal and drug classes and all that, they tested everyone every time for class, even breathalyzer tests were given to everyone at every class...and that started when i just went in to fill out the paperwork (not even have a class that day) still got tested
  5. Got tested at my first, never after that. But the testing was only for the class not a po or anything.

    What was your other option for charges? I wouldve gladly taken then fine on whatever .2 is gonna be instead
  6. I've never been tested at the classes, it was always a private thing. But you really are being an idiot by smoking right now. You got off easy with just community service and a 2.5 hr class, so why are you even risking fucking that up? If you drop dirty, they'll either send you to juvey or put you on probation, no questions asked.
    I was blown away when you said "I haven't been smoking much." But then to admit that you're going to a big ass concert and are going to get super baked, well that's just down right retarded (sorry if I offend.)
    I'm not saying these things to insult or embarass you, I'm just trying to be like a big brother, showing concern for his obviously uneducated younger sibling. So stop fucking smoking, do your shit, and then no one will bother you until you get caught again.
    BTW, you had .14 in stems? just throw that shit out, duhh
  7. The other option was probation haha.. In which I wouldnt be able to leave state for SAMF and all that.. so I was quick to take the diversion program. But yeah im prolly about to call it quits. Smoked just 4-5 times in the past 3 months and never took more than 3 hits.. Got a friend whos 21 and looks just like me to agree to give me his ID so ill just utilize the VIP bar and skip the smoke on the festival. Thanks for the concern but I am not uneducated.. second year of college come fall and havent gotten anything lower than a B- since sophmore year of high school (algebra II haha).. but yeah I shouldve thrown them out but wasnt thinking.. Was smashed out drunk but luckily I somehow conqueored the breathalizer dispite 4 cups off the keg, a jello shot, and a four loco. Lucked out on that one cause both the girls in the back seat who blew drunk were 16-17 and im 18.. That DUI wouldnt have been pretty for me but I dont fuck around with that anymore.. Drinking n driving to risky.. But yeah I suppose your all right.. Just going to call it quits. Im only 142lbs, exercise daily, and drink lots of water.. so should be cleanish come the class in 17 days but ill play it safe and do a detox kit before either way..

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