Drug Test are pointless

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  1. like honestly taking a drug test to get a job is so pointless. Because lets be honest most drug test are designed for weed because every other drug leaves your system so quick it's ridiculous. I feel like as long as you show up and do your job well they shouldn't test you but if you show up and do a shitty job and/or break shit then they have every right to test you but I don't really agree with the whole you need to take a drug test to get the job thing. How do you guys feel about it?!
  2. I feel you brotha :)
  3. I agree, its like, if you are doing well, it shouldnt matter whether or not you use drugs.
    and if you are doing a shitty job, then you are doing a shitty job, seems irrelevant.

    Then again, if i owned a company, i wouldn't want a had drug addict working for me,

    Then again its all subjective, and should be treated that way..
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    Everything in this country is set up for a reason.

    They are trying to make all the people the same, trying to create that perfect machine who will study study, work, start a family , work and die. No questions, no doubts and no way out.
  5. Alcohol and cigarettes only speed up this process.
    Alcohol to make us dumb, and cigarettes so we die younger.
    Think population control.

    For the same reasons are we taught such pointless shit during schooling.
  6. We are not free.

    They are playing god by deciding the future of each and every one of us. We don't choose our destiny, we only choose how to look at it.

    And to add to your post, fluoride.
  7. Came to mind after the post.

    And the fact that religions are set up to hate each other.
    How we spend millions on bomb, but cant feed the hungry.
    The bottom line is money, and nobody gives a fuck about the greater good.

    They just want their tax money.
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    The main thing is control, but to gain control they need the money. There are two forms of control, fear and respect (can't find a word) fear is easier and long lasting, respect is more effective but short lasting and harder to gain.

    I really wish all our voices would be heard man, maybe one day shit will change:)
  9. Insurance reasons
  10. It totally makes sense to me that most an majority of "norms can't see, they're just forcing us to live the basic lifestyle in which you described but yet if the person doesn't want to be the same exact as the next sheeple and want to be comfortable in his own individuality then there are categorized as an outcast, loser, weird and other derogatory names without coming to an understand aspect of it, and I see when it comes to questioning they avoid a lot is it because an majority are extroverts?
  11. They recieve funding for participating in a government funded program.

    So no, not entirely pointless...They are getting a little richer everyday.:cool:
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    Hey Blades:

    I feel your angst about "pre-employment DTs". And, we all know that our FDA has classified cann as a Schedule 1 drug--meaning it has a high (no pun intended) potential for abuse and addiction and is of no medicinal value. Which is all quite paradoxical because hydrocodone and morphine (opiods) and oxycontin are Schedule 2--less addictive than cann and having a facile and debateable medicinal use. Any half-intelligent person would recognize this as a gross mis-classification. Nevertheless, employers get a break on their insurance liability costs when they pre-screen and hire applicants who test "negative". And, of course we all full well know how a "user" can properly prepare their body for a "negative" test result. Moreover, given the very long detection window for THC in the body (15 to 30 days) in contrast to the very short detection window for coc, meth, pcp, oxycontine, opiods (1 to 3 days). Thus, it is 10 to 15 times easier for a methmouse or crackbird to pass a DT [and possibly out-compete you for a job] than a casual user of cannabis who smoked a bowl of kush 2 weeks ago. The methmouse will test "neg" and the cann user will test "pos".

    So, let's keep it real here: DTs are simply testing for marijuana use. So, I dissert all of this to draw the simple conclusion and help us cope with our collective angst by proposing that we look at it this way: DTs (i.e., cannabis screens) should be construed by all Blades to be an "Intelligence Test". Think of it as "Ok, I know the system is skewed and mis-informed, so I must use my Intelligence to rise above it by simply preparing for the DT by following the myriad advice on this site".
  13. Preaching to the choir my man.
  14. My brother recently got asked to leave his job due to weed in his system from a drugs test.
    He didn't faulter, break anything, and was an important member of the team.
    However, because he likes to get high (and cause nobody harm) his job was taken from him.
    Unfair and ridiculous, I agree completely.
  15. doesn't shit like heroin and cocaine stay in your system for months?

    but I agree.. for a majority of people it's just stop smoking for 2 weeks and start back up when you get hired
  16. They let you know in advance?

    Do colleges at any point drug test students? would be a mess :laughing:
  17. The difference is, that potheads would be able to go a month without smoking.

    People who do hard drugs wouldn't even be able to go a couple days without using.
    So dope heads would fail too.
  18. Drug test are so stupid. Instead of checking if you're capable of performing well at work, it checks what you've been doing on your free time. It would make more sense if they checked you to see if you were intoxicated DURING your shift.
  19. Wow, nice generalizations buddy...

    These tests weed out the idiot drug users from the intelligent and potentially job worthy. Employers want a good clean law abiding citizen or a drug user motivated enough to cheat the system, not some idiot burn out who is too stupid to pass a simple test.

  20. days..like 3

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