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Drug Test, anxious.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ItzRyan, May 10, 2011.

  1. Hello everyone!:wave:
    I recently got offered a Job at Ace Hardware, :). But! I know i smoked on 4/20. And that following weekend. After that i stopped because i got the interview for Ace. I need to take a drug test this Wednesday. Urine i would suppose, since its a post-job drug-test.
    I'm 5'9 about 155-160. A very very occasional smoker, before 4/20 i had smoked some nice white widow about a month before. Should i be clean to take it? Any suggestions ? I cannot buy any thing to help me be clean, no job = no money (;

  2. you're fine bro.
  3. normally 2 weeks might be a little close, but since youre very occasional it should be all good. just remember to constantly dilute (drink lots of water throughout the day up until the test) and you should be ok. the night before the test have some nice steak or other meat for dinner if posssible (helps your creatinine levels) and take a B/multi-vitamin the day of the test if possible to help with your urine color.

    even if you cant get the meat/vitamin it isnt a huge deal, just continue to dilute and good luck
  4. I take centrum performance multi-vitamins everyday. Those doin' any help? :)

  5. as long as theres some b vitamin in it yeah. its only for urine color (diluting so much makes your piss clear, the b vitamins help make it yellow again) it wont change a positive result to negative or anything
  6. Yeah, i know :) Friends are telling me i wont be clean for a month. But that's only if you're a daily smoker, correct?

  7. yeah more or less. for somebody who only does it occasionally 2 weeks should be plenty
  8. Great! Cant wait to be rackin' up some doe :D

    Thank god for K2 also :)
    Good old MJ is always better though (;

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