drug test and revenge

Discussion in 'General' started by happy101, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. Hey guys, today I smoked about a 1/8th in my room yea it was fun.Until my parents came home and gave me some bullsh!t about how they smelled pot. Heres the thing today I was checking through my dad's things and happen to find a nice roach. My dad says he wants to drug test me for smoking in the house but I don't know if I should I tell him that I found the roach and maybe he'll lay off. I'm tried of him being a hypocrite and just want him to admit that he does it.
  2. Still in HS?
  3. lmfao I would have stuck the roach in his face ON SITE.

    do it, what's the worst that could happen?
  4. your gonna get him grounded man! lol. Seriously, how about dont smoke an 1/8th in your room?
  5. Well he would probably get mad at you for going through his shit, but if he gives you anymore shit about it then yeah just bring it up. But don't take any drug tests.
  6. Why would they give you a DT when they know you're going to fail?
  7. You have to be 18 to post here

    My parents have caught me tons of time. I finally got my mom to admit that aside from the legal aspects, there is absolutely no harm that can come from smoking a little pot after a hard day of work.

    I know my stepdad used to smoke pot and do coke (I found a socket in his toolbox that had a screen fashoned into it and it was caked with resin... And once I found a picture of him pretending to hit a giant hookah at Atlantic City)...

    I tell them: I'll probably grow out of it, just let me be a youth and I'll learn from my own mistakes.

    Becuase honestly, once you hit 16-17, making mistakes teaches you a lot more then a scolding from your angry mommy.
  8. Thanks for the advice I decided that I'm going to show him his own stash and let him do some explaining. I just think this might be the perfect way I can bond with my father theres nothing else me and him really do together. Also my mom is nuts one of those I never smoke pot kind of people and your a waste of life if you do she was clearly misinformed when she was growing up . So hopefully everything works out for the good.:wave:
  9. Doesn't matter if he smokes or not- it is his home.

    If I had a kid who was 18 and smoking pot under my roof I would be pissed off too- save up that money and get out of my house is what I would tell him.

    Priorities- I'm not saying you do not have them, but you should re-evaluate them if pot is causing a problem where you are living.

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