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    recently i've just been a hell of a lot more thirsty. and i wasn't trying to dilute my urine, cuz i was clean. but when i went to drug test (on monday) it was pretty damn clear.
    i test at my psychiatrist's office who i'm pretty sure sends it to the lab.
    she didn't say anything to me about it bing diluted and i even asked her about my new excessive thirst. but i'm worried because tonight (tuesday) i took klonopin and tomorrow (wednesday) i wanted to take more because i have to go in for some medical testing and some other things that scare the shit out of me.

    i'm worried that tomorrow (wensday) or on friday they're going to ask me to pee again if it came up diluted and now i'll have this klonopin in my system.

    i am perscribed xanax xr so i'm allowed to show up for benzos, but i'm not entirely sure if they double check which benzos i've been taking.:confused_2:
    how long does it take for labs to get back, and
    how worried do you think i should be? please reply soon!

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