Drug Talk at your old highschool

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  1. Reminiscing about the ignorance of others when it comes to marijuana, I remembered one of the funniest things that ever happened in our school.
    It was this senior year, and they called all the guys in our grade into a room (small school where everyone smokes).
    They had the counselor talk to us about weed and drugs. And we got into at least 15 major arguments with the counselor.
    She starts to lecuture us on how you can overdose on weed.
    My friend say, "How much weed would have to smoke to OD."
    Counselor, "Ohh we assume about 2 kilos:eek::eek::eek:, which isn't so much. After one hit, 1 kilo could become nothing to you:eek::eek::eek:!"
    My friend, "That's funny, cause that means they're probably more cases of overdose on water than weed, and our doctors recommend 6-8 glasses of water a day!! :D:D"
    Then she goes on to start talking about possession.
    This one nerdy kid asks, "Is there a difference between possession of marijuana than cocaine?"
    She says, "Well all drugs have the same effect and will kill, so does it really mater?"
    Friend 2 yells, "Well if your doing cocaine than you probably have a fucking problem...."

    Anyway, I just want to know your experiences with ignorant people about marijuana because this is pretty much my only experience will arguing against ignorance.
  2. Never really had that talk, I swear atleast half of the teachers at my school smoked though. They were all such hippies. Whenever pot was brought up they'd just brush it off with a half-hearted "pot is bad" comment.
  3. Its people like this that lead kids to actually experiment with hard drugs. Misinforming kids on this subject only makes matter worse.
  4. Man, you should try going to rehab, or a recovering addicts group, DAYUM!!!!
    Only time i heard more lies is when i read the 9/11 comissions report
  5. Its people like this that lead kids to actually experiment with hard drugs.
  6. We had these drug presentors come one day. It looked like they made a powerpoint by copy and pasting the Wikipedia article in. Anyways, I asked them about medical marijuana being used for cancer patients.

    Their exact words were, "Does it matter if they get lung cancer? They're just going to die of cancer anyways."

    After their presentation some of the anti-weed people started changing their views on marijuana because of their response. I asked them that question because I knew they'd have a terrible answer, and everyone heard it. Mission accomplished.

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