drug shows on the history channel

Discussion in 'General' started by infox, Mar 26, 2004.

  1. Anyone else been watching these? They're really interesting, tonight its on cocaine... they've been showing them every night this week at 11p PST on the History channel. They're pretty cool, its a pretty unbiased view of different types of drugs and how they became illegal.
  2. ya dude they put those on from time to time ..pretty coool

    i love the history channel ..so fun to watch stoned ..guarntee you everytime you turn it on ..ghosts, war, drugs, dicators, crime syndicates, kings and queens, dynasities

    always fun shit to watch baked. i love to learn :D
  3. ya dude old tv rocks. columbo is sweet cause everybody thinks hes a dumbshit but hes really smart and always solving the crimes. M*A*S*H is sweet too.

    i wish they stil made good tv :\
  4. a-team anyone? or how bout macgyver. thats some good shit right there.

  5. What about the show about prostate surgery?
  6. I saw a documentary about weed on the History Channel. It was pretty good if I remember correctly, hopefully I'll catch a repeat because I saw it a while ago.
  7. Yeah I have been watching those shows, I think the history channel is my favorite one, in fact I am watching it right now.
  8. damn i forgot.

    oh yeah i thought it said dog shows on the history chanell. i thought there was like old extinct breeds or some shit lol.
  9. lol, I found it funny that pretty much 90% of the reasoning behind drug laws today are because back in the days everyone was racist.

  10. right on hummercash!! a-team owns ..macgyver is awesome too

    they took both of em off tv land and tnt though :( ..tear
    hopefully they put em on dvd like they have started with a bunch of other good shows like charlies angels :D

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