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Drug screening for employment at my job.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Josh292019, Dec 18, 2019.

  1. So i smoked a couple of joints bout 2 weeks ago and i smoked a roach bout 3 days ago. I am a chronic smoker been smoking everyday throughout the day for 3 1/2 months. I stopped smoking like tht bout 3 to 4 weeks ago. I weight bout 155 to 160. Im 5'10. I started drinking water, cranberry juice, and arizona green tea. I havent had a drug screen yet but definitely have one coming for my job. I drink water all day everyday at work. Would u guys say i can pass a drug screen after smoking only 2 joints and a roach within 3 weeks.
  2. I need to know before i go talk to my boss about the hiring me in process. Need some honest answers to my question plz.
  3. Be honest. Tell him you're worried about your results, you've been in the process of quitting for the last couple months but there's a chance you may test positive for it.
    That way, he's aware it's been in your life, and that you're honest about it.
    If you don't say shit then test positive anyways...then you become a liar in their eyes because they usually ask you about drug use on the forms.

    Or, say nothing and hope for the best...there's a chance you could come up with a clear test.
    Won't help you when the next one comes along though.

    In my experience, I've pissed clean after drinking copious amounts of water, like about 5-6 litres a day and pissing all the time. Cranberry juice, drank 4 litres across the first 2 days. Lots of gym.
    It worked.
    Though yeah I filled out "occasional marijuana use" on my paperwork, even though evidently I didn't need to.
    But hey, it put me in a secure place...because I knew they knew, they still hired me, and if there were any subsequent tests and it came up...I'd just refer back to the fact they were aware of this when they hired me.

    So I dunno what to advise, man. I think the measures you're taking can help, yes. Maybe more water. Go nuts.
    Fuck off the pre-made tea, too much sugar, and REAL green tea (or green tea with jasmine if you don't want it to taste like shitty boring green tea) will do a better job....just make heaps, put it in the fridge. Asian supermarkets have it cheap.

    Good luck.
  4. Go buy a test and test yourself before ya open ur mouth. Drug test at Walmart 11.00$
  5. You smoked 3 days ago and you're asking if you'll pass?..
  6. U can always use that fake urine with the kit. I don’t have the wizzinator but I have the belt and pouch kit, it comes with a less powerful heat pad(hot hand) and some synthetic urine you put into the pouch and wear under your belt line then unscrew the hose and out comes the liquid. I have used this four times and hopefully I get this job offer and in a few weeks will be my fifth! It doesn’t work for lab tests only instant tests which they do as a preliminary check and only send to a lab for confirmation IF you fail.

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  7. I know your feeling it’s a super in easy one. Best of luck with this, I know the feeling. It’s kinda like waiting for an hiv test after fucking a bunch of hookers on a business trip in Greensboro god I miss drinking. But anyways you should be fine but can tear yourself with cheap at home kits. You can always purposefully dilute to the point of having to reschedule. Just drink so much water that your sample is just water. They won’t accept it and you can just say your nervous. They will mark it a dilute and reach out to your company for what to do next. I know I used to work n hr before Safety. They will usually just reschedule it. Might be for the next day or night be for a few days later all depends. Buys you more time. I wouldn’t tell your boss you are going to fail tho at least try and pass the fucker.

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