Drug Screen on September 12...help

Discussion in 'General' started by tarheels058, Aug 10, 2007.

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    Alright well me and my buddy who smoke a lot (every day) just got a letter for a court hearing for criminal mischeif (my retarded friend through a firework out the window and it landed on a van). Well we have a hearing on September 12, and it says there will be a drug screen. :(

    I have been smoking almost every day for about 3 months now, my buddy every day for about a month.


    1. When should we stop smoking? (I was leaning towards the 2-3 week range) :smoking:

    2. When should we stop drinking? (Under 21, i assume alcohol might be tested) :confused:

    3. If you feel like giving suggestions on how to detox as well please add here.
    (example: Stop at 2 weeks, drink water and take naicin until 1 week then just drink lots of water)

  2. Stop smoking now. You still may not pass. You can drink up to a bout 2-3 days.

    Drink water and burn fat, about a week before eat as unhealthy as possible and do nothing.
  3. just light up a blunt right in front of the judge an tell him to sucka dick.
  4. First off....lmao. Why the fuck would anyone throw a lit firecracker at anything?

    Anyways, well it depends on your metabolism. I'm assuming it's gonna be a piss test and if that's the case I would just stop now to be safe and be sure to drink a lot of fluids. You might be able to pass a piss test if you keep going for another week or two but if I were you I'd just play it safe. Just be sure to drink lots of water and other fluids, work out, and if you stop now you will have absolutely no worries for a piss test. If it's a hair test (which i really doubt) you are fucked anyways so keep going I guess. If it's a oral test where they take your spit you can wait until 2-3 days before you stop. My guess is that it's a piss test. You might be able to pass if you wait a little longer but why risk it?

    For the alcohol test just don't drink within a day or two of the screening.

    Edit: and as others are saying, why do you need a drug test for an offense like that and if your friend threw it then why do you need to be there?
  5. isn't a drug screen where the search if you have drugs on you or is that the same thing as a drug test, idk think it is and why would they test ya if this isnt drug related at all.
  6. I don't see why you would need a drug screen if the offense wasn't drug related.

    Something doesn't seem correct.
  7. i say dont show up for the drug screen and buy some dank shit to smoke and smoke it while ur suppose to be at the drug screen!!!
  8. Even if you get non-drug-related charges they still do drug tests most the time and if under legal drinking age (21 in u.s.) they'll do a alch blow test.

    When i was a juvenile and caught up in the system (15 when it started) i got both alch and drug screening/tests even though my crime wasnt drug related.

    Felony Burgarly, Nothing about drugs whatsoever.

    I failed my first test because i smoekd the night before and for years on end before hand.

    They let me go and told me my next appointments and i went through alot of shit for a few months with many trials and PO visits.

    My last one judge wanted to lock me up, I told him straight up ill drug test right now ill pass clean and ive been in no trouble im trying to do good suckin up n shit cuz i was facing 3 years minimum at 15.

    Dude let me do it, I passed. Was 7 weeks and 4 days and i did a home drug test thing and failed so i drank maximum gold extra strength detox and did a home test and it worked so i bought another one and took it for the test and passed.

    Bullshited about how i was goin to school and shit and case dismissed.

    Good luck.
  9. You'll need atleast 4-5 weeks to get completely clean. Drink lots of water and green tea. Thats all I did and I got clean in that amount of time. Quit smoking after you finish your last nug..the sooner the better
  10. Well i killed my stash last night, all i can look forward to now is September 13!

    holy shit am i gonna get high. :hello:

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