Drug scene at Ohio University

Discussion in 'General' started by StrangeTimes, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. I might be attending OU and I was just sort of curious what the drug scene was like there? I know they're pretty known for being a party school, but thats more alcohol than anything

  2. i was thinking of transferring there for my bacholers but idk yet.. havent heard much though:rolleyes:
  3. one of my friends goes there and gets dank named shit on a consistent basis
  4. Cant help you, but its a college. Youll be able to find dank and pills for sure.
  5. my dude goes there they got some good bud. anyway the kids there are crazy have you ever smoked zong from hanging upside down from the ceiling, thats what i witnessed
  6. Who wants to take a bong toke, and spend the duration of the high pants down at the ankles, sitting on the can shitting?
  7. I imagine you can get some pretty sweet outdoor grown dope from WV and KY, I know weed is a major cash crop in Appalachian KY since they don't have shit for jobs. You can even get moonshine in mason jars for like $20 but that shit is horrid and will knock you on your ass. Plus Halloween is absolutely crazy there...
  8. i got to UC and i've only been to OU once, but it was retarded. Everything up there i just amplified x2. I personally like OSU more for dank and parties, but OU is just more rediculous. People are just crazy up there when it comes to drinking and shit. it's like you have to practice before you go up there and drink. haha.

    but yeah, OU has some nice dro. some of that light green shit most of the times. at least that is what my friends who go there come back down here to cincy with.

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