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drug paraphernalia violation arizona

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by xoTheWeekndxo, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. ok guys so last night about 5 of us were out enjoying new years with 7 or 8 blunts to the face haha at like 2 am we go to a park to finish the rest of the trees in a gravity bong.. everybody ends up getting high AF we go to the basketball court play around a lil when cops pull up behind my car.. 3 of the people ran leaving me and my girl behind. i figured cops would just take the license number so i didnt run.. but yea he told us he knew we were faded and to just give him the weed. i told him we dont have any then he asks if he could check the car. i say sure he finds the tiniest shake which i say isnt mine etc keep in mind im stoned off my ass have no clue what the fuck going on hah now i gotta go to court on the 15th does anybody know whats going to happen? do i need a lawyer, anything i should know about any info would be great lol this is my first offense tooo
  2. You consented to a search...with an illegal substance in the car? I wouldnt get a lawyer unless the bud wasnt truly yours
  3. This would all have been avoided if you didn't consent
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    Also would have been avoided if they weren't acting like middle schoolers. smoking a gravity bong in a park @ 2am? your obviosly the daft one of the group.Enjoy your fines and maybe be responsible next time( btw parks close @ sunset Einstein) ANYBODY in a park after hours is considered suspect since most are either using drugs of fondling a hooker
  5. Jesus ikr, smoking in public is something i would do at like 15, at 22 i only smoke on my back porch
  6. If he didn't consent the cop woulda been like "why are you being difficult?" Wait here while I call the K-9 unit. If a cop wants to look in your car he's going to do it no matter what. Too much ego is involved. It's not like he would be like.... "What's that? You don't consent to a search? Ok, we'll I respect your rights, have a great night."

    If op didn't consent the k-9 would have consented for him.
  7. I still burn one at my park once in a while, but then again everyone smokes there. But i would never carry a piece to the park, got too much to loose. Stick to blunts man.

  8. Man,

    That blows!

    Arizona marijuana laws are super strict for it being a medical state.

    Arizona Penalties

    For a first offense you'll probably just get probation.

    Be polite, dress well, don't act like a stoner.
  9. If he found shake, how are you getting paraphernalia and not possesion? Did he find the bong to?
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    if they say they are calling the k-9 unit you say

    "am I being detained or am I free to go, officer?"

    you will be allowed to leave because if they say they are calling the k-9 that probably means they probably don't have probable cause. you will be free to leave. you are not obligated to stay there and wait for the dogs
  11. Something doesn't add up here? You say you were at the basketball court when he pulled up behind your car? Why the hell would you consent to a search in a car you weren't in when the officer pulled up? You do realize that if you are out of the car with keys in hand, they have absolutely no right to search your car or threaten your license status. I have gotten out of damn DUIs like this. Saw one whip a U behind me when I was swerrrrrrrrrvin hardcore, pulled over at the neighborhood I was near and stopped at the 3rd house and made it out of the car as he was turning down the street. He went up a block, turned the corner and turned the lights off. I did the same! lol Turned my lights off and turned the fuck around. I'm not suggesting anyone try this as I was very lucky to still have my witts about me.
  12. + rep same story a long time ago!

  13. Only time I've been in this situation "I don't consent to searches" worked.
  14. ya but why would you make their job of busting you easier

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