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  1. Hey GC-

    I'm taking a criminal justice class this summer called Drugs, Society, & Justice. It's been a great class, and we have to right a final paper on a subject of our choice. I don't want to write about the legalization of marijuana, I feel like that's too cliche. My professor said we can write about whatever we want, but here's a general idea of things he wants:

    -Underlying philosophies with our topic (historical/contemporary policy, effects on criminal justice system)

    -Provide historical context if needed--comparative analysis like what other countries use, changes over time, etc.

    -How to measure the effectiveness of aforementioned philosophies

    -Discuss use, prize, purity, seizure, mortality rates

    -How rates have changed over time, area, demographics

    Anyway, I'm open to any and all ideas, much appreciated! Paper needs to be 6-8 pages.
  2. check out the big brain on brad!
  3. you could always do an in depth about amsterdamn and thier approach vs the US approach or UK or wherever it is you hail. or you could do a paper on countries that have recently decrimed things like portugal.
  4. A paper about like marijuanas full history from around the world, how it got around, what people used it for, governments views just shit like that from the very time it was used to now. Just like basically a written documentary about Marijuana if it was a person would be kinda tight.
  5. The affect of LSD on a generation coupled with spiritual beliefs and technology.
  6. somewhere talk about how the the legal system is pretty shit in terms of you get weed, you get jail, you get weed again you get jail again for longer. FOR WEED. Haha
  7. A legalization of Marijuana paper wouldn't be cliche, it would be staring in the face of a taboo that has haunted us for decades :D

    Do it, and do it well. Put a ton of effort into it, and im sure you will change a few opinions :wave:
  8. I feel like writing on the legalization of MJ would be the easiest, which is definitely a consideration, but I was considering writing on why the United States should implement a heroin addict maintenance program like Switzerland. Anyone have any experience/knowledge with this subject that they wouldn't mind sharing? It would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks again GC.
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    what do you expect to get with a degree in criminal justice??? spending 80k for a degree in criminal justice just so u can make 30k a year after you graduate is not my idea of a smart decision

    so maybe u can write a paper about why u think spending 80k on a job is a good idea when u could have just got a job at mcdonalds making the same amount of money.
  10. Criminal justice is my MINOR. It interests me, sure, but I know there's no money in that field, and I need general education classes anyway. I'm majoring in accounting and finance at a top business school (it's in the Big 10, for those that care) and will be working towards my MBA after next year through an accelerated program.

    So maybe you could actually contribute to the thread instead of trying to come in like your shit doesn't stink?
  11. Alright, whatever man. I have no reason to lie about that stuff, I don't need to prove shit to you. Why is there always someone that tries to bring others down to feel better about themselves? Go smoke a bowl and chill out man.

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