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drug influenced works.

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by CheefinReeffa, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. this is a DXM influenced poem i wrote a whiiiille back
    when i first started tripping

    Im Spiraling down the dark tunnel through my mind
    color no longer exists
    only the cold moaning of spirits burns through my eyes
    touching my nerves, my life, my brain, my thoughts.
    shutting down the cells....shaking persists.
    Subconcious state.Life and death appear
    chasing me, building my fear
    time loses meaning..meaning loses meaning
    doors open and close, faces blur
    the atmosphere at war with the earth.
    now they surround me.
    drawing closer every second
    draining sense of self and "oneness"
    forming black holes.
    Then everything stops, fading to black
    im still awake.
    headlights fill my field of vision before me
    appearing to get closer and closer paralyzing me.
    only the sound of my heartbeat remains.
    But wait, cracks of light are shining through the black
    my lungs are filling with air
    my body warming by the second.
    Its finnaly over.
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    Very interesting, and not at all unlike my experiences with DXM.

    If you check my signature, I've got quite a few songs there that were drug-inspired. "Long Road Back" is all about tripping on research chemicals, "The Myth" was inspired by a 2c-i trip that I had, "Omega Point" was written during opiate w/d's, etc. etc.

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