Drug induced psychosis? Need help :S

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  1. Ok, last night some shit went down, and im left a little confused.

    At about 7pm i snorted maybe 3mg of hydromorphone, and went and bought more gravol at 9pm because i could not find mine. I took 200mg of the gravol, cuz my naseau was BAD. Then 2 hours later, i plugged .2 of mdma, and went to chill with friends. So at about 12am i had 3000mg of gabapentin as well, and 40mg of ritalin. Then, we were walking around, and i started to see so many shadow people, just, everywhere, i was asking if we knew the ppl walking towards us, like clear as day, people walking towards us. Everyone said i was crazy, and like every 10 seconds i asked again because i saw more shadow people. This happend all night, and at 3am i went to my house and all my friends crashed with me for awhile in my motor home. The i started to loose, it. It was hard to think, and i could not hold a conversation with people because it ended up with them being confused because i was talking about making a brick wall, and something about model trains (i cant remember all the other things). Then i saw a comb on the table in the motor home, and tried to comb my hair. It was a watch. Then it just kept happening, through about 7am. Then i fell asleep on the computer desk.

    What was going on:confused:
  2. your crazy.

    lol idk, but that sounds pretty insane.
  3. lol you were just messed up..maybe delirious, which sounds more like it, but i dunno
  4. You may have entered psychosis. My father did it, he took ambien along with somas and something else, I was young. he thought the KGB was after my family and was freaking, at one point he was in my room licking me because he was now a dog. I thought it was a dream till I woke up because it took four grown men to restrain him because he was trying to escape the KGB.

    Not fun.
  5. psychosis sucks
  6. had you taken a lot of ritalin or adderall the day previous? My guess is you didn't remember to drink enough water which put you in a delirious hallucinogenic type state. This is most likely the case if you couldn't distinguish if what you were hallucinatiing was real or not. I am sure the mdma you snorted was probably straight (as in psychedelics not being laced with it) so it is my guess you just got delirious from dehydration and possibly not enough sleep. You will be good, but remember to drink a lot of water with mdma, because you get dehydrated much faster on it than any other substance I know of, besides like nutmeg.
  7. I had a similar experience from shrooms. It was most likely a psychotic episode, as it sounds extremely similar to one.

    I suggest you keep off the drugs for a bit so you can mentally recover. Now that you have had this experience, it would be wise to watch your dosages in the future, it is entirely possible for a psychotic episode to occur again.
  8. at what point did you think mixing 5 different drugs, probably weed and alcohol as well, was a good idea?
  9. This is what I was going to say, as well.

    This isn't your first thread about things going wrong with your (uninformed) drug combinations, Squishey. Not ragging on you mang but seriously, be careful, and be informed.
  10. Man, come to think of it, I am almost positive you got dehydrated from the mdma and you were mixing opiates with amphetamines haha, holy shit. I don't know why, but to me that seems like a pretty abnormal combination. I will give you a 10 for creativity haha. While assuming you use opiates occasionally or more, you will be alright. But seriously, you should probably hit the water.
  11. And a 10 for danger.

    Be careful, mixing drugs is stupid in my opinion, I dont understand why people cant just be satisfied with one high, but if your gunna do it at least know what combinations to avoid.
  12. If you are still feeling the effects of the state, try to watch a movie. If I get too deep into a psychedelic experience, then I will watch a movie and it will bring me back to reality a bit, but especially stand-up comedy. The hallucinations you were experiencing are obviously quite a bit different from psychedelics, but you can deal with a delirious hallucinogenic state and a psychedelic hallucinogenic state in the same sort of ways.
  13. Yeah it was a bit of sarcasm, that is a pretty dangerous combo. If you have a stong mind you will never enter psychosis, and that is just my belief. I think people go too far out and don't come back when they are having a trip that lasts days and they forget to eat and drink water. Water keeps you sane in heavy delirium.

  14. you dosed alot of drugs thats what happened. be safe man doing this can kill you let alone fuck up your mind
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    Why the fuck were you taking Opiates and Methylphenidate? Then you add in gabapentin, gravol, AND MDMA?

    It's amazing you didn't go into respiratory/cardiac arrest from all the speedballing you were doing. You should be quite thankful all you had were hallucinations.

  16. good point. im pretty convinced that alot of blades are clinically depressed because they are blind as to what they put in their bodies alot of the time
  17. You took a bunch of drugs. That seems to be what happend.
  18. More likely just average teenage stupidity.
  19. yeah.

    drug induced delerium.
  20. Thought that this happened to me after Salvia 80x. I trippped for over an hour and knew it wasn't supposed to last that long, you know, just wanted to get back to reality.

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