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Discussion in 'General' started by Boosh, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. Does anyone else have drug flashbacks? I mean, Ive had acid flashbacks before, and lately something diffrent has been happening.

    I guess it could be a drug flashback, it feels like pills really... Out of nowhere, I just feel sedated, even a couple times Ive had to just sit and lean back and wait for it to pass it was so intense.

    I JUST had one in the same way, luckily I was just chillin, cause out of nowhere my mind just


    Dunno though, any thoughs on this?
  2. Hmm... never had a flashback yet.

    I've not done that much 'cid anyway.
  3. I've had a few acid flash back where for a few seconds I can start to see tracers and swirls and a couple weird body sensations... But I've never experienced something like what you are talking about....
  4. had acid flash backs befor and if i have bulbs get chronic ones...same thing every time sept slightest it different...

    but never pills kicking outa no where
  5. when i was doing a lot of shrooms. . (went through an ounce in a month)

    would get these weird feelings sort of like a shroom body high
    and would see this one tiny weird little blue sparkle all day on random things

    went on for a few months after

    but all better now
  6. Just had one of these while I was walking to the corner store today. Had the body high and some tracers, no blue dots though
  7. When i was younger i used to get them occasionally so did my friends but this one dude started getting real bad flash backs and as it progressed they came more frequent and more intense, it turned out that it was a brain aneurysm causing it all, at least that's what they said when they preformed the autopsy. Not trying to scare anyone but never assume "its just nothing".
  8. Similar shit happens to me where I could just be sitting there and then Im just like spaced out for 20seconds in tunnel vision
  9. the weird part about the blue dot was there was only one,. . and it appeared in the same general area of my vision. . like picture your vision a screen and it was only in this one spot on the bottom left
  10. I feel random states of sedation...I don't know if it is drugs or what, but the shit's random.
  11. Yeah I used to be an opiate head, and now I have times where I feel like a zombie for a few minutes but no euphoria what so ever.

    Usually sends me into a 10 minute oxycodone craving.
  12. lol
    yea i got e flashback on the job, i was like holyshit, am i rollin right now?? WTF

    then couple mins later, it was all back to normal
  13. any one else heard about the lsd crystallizing on your spine....then with a smiple crack of the neck or something similar, you are launched back into an acid trip.
    But this is a result of years of heavy use.
  14. yea my dad was telling me about that. he said one day he was driving to work and it was like 5 years after acid trip and then he went into a trip..its not that long
  15. Anything there is to say about LSD and the spinal column is completely false.
  16. yea its out of your system so fast no way five years later it could just

    break loose. .
  17. no u guys are wrong

    lsd stays in your system all your life

    that why we get flashbacks once a while...
  18. Well sorry, it seems i was ill informed.
    Thanks for setting the record straight.

    Seemed like a fishy story.

  19. weed bring me acid trip back constantly. using lsd 2 months ago added a whole nother dimension to my highs

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