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  1. i was just wondering how drug dogs work.
    for example, if you have maybe a dub sack or an eighth in a container sealed, have it in your pocket, or in a backpack or something, and your like 10-20 feet away from a drug dog, could they smell it? or do they have to be directly near it, or the weed has to stink for them to smell it....
    thanks for any replies.
  2. I would imagine even at 20 feet away they could still smell it faintly and track it down. I dont remember the exact number but their sense of smell is like 300x more powerful than ours. (Those numbers could be completely made up, it just sounds right at the moment.)
  3. First and foremost - a search has to be initiated. I know that at least with seeing-eye dogs they can switch their brain from fun to work in a second, which is the same with drug dogs. They don't walk around on point all the time.

    As far as distance goes, they don't have to be RIGHT next to you, but they can't smell a quad a mile away especially if you've got it crotched or stashed really well somewhere. As always, be safe, but drug dogs should only be a concern if you know they are coming by AND *on the lookout*.
  4. well, see its because im a senior at my high school, and lately they have been bringing drug dogs to walk around, they usually check the lockers.
    i shouldnt be bringing it to school in the frist place, but i bring it to usually smoke at lunch, or smoke after school or something.
    one of my friends had an eighth of some dank in his backpack, and the dog was about 30-40 feet away and nothing happened.
    but i also heard that the cops have no right to search you even if the dog did givem the awareness that the person is carrying drugs...idk tho
  5. Drug dogs have to be told when to smell for drugs. When they are trained to sniff, their toys are scented with marijuana for example and they are taught to search for their toy. So when the dog finds the marijuana scent, the officer throws it it's toy and it thinks that it found its toy and continues to search for that marijuana scent thinking its the toy every time.

    So they sniff on command. The other thing is that essentially all containers will be contaminated from the microscope dust that comes off of weed from touching the outside after touching the marijuana. The shit would have to be put in the container, hands thoroughly washed or maybe gloves put on, and then seal the container. It would then probably go undetected by the dog until the scent had enough time (a day or so in a plastic bag) to permeate the microscopic pores in the material and create a scent cone outside of the container.
  6. hmm...thanks....
    i see the cops standing in the middle of the quad area with a dog or two, and their just simply standing there. are the dogs put in command to find their toy/drugs at all times when they are put in use, for example. does the cop have to tell the dog to specifically search for drugs on a specific student, or does the cop have to command it to search as in start walking around, sniffing stuff out.
  7. wow taking weed to school is stupid no matter what
  8. idk if u read it but i said that in the begining.

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