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Drug dogs in a college dorm

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Honovii, Aug 31, 2017.

  1. Hey guys, first time poster on here. So I'm a new freshman on campus at a public university in the South East US with a high notoriety of weed related arrests and heavy handed tactics to catch kids. As a stoner, this is really alarming to me, because I need it to function as a normal human. My roommates before I got here were sketching me out because they said that the drug dogs are taken through our dorm building atleast once every school year. This has me scared to keep anything in my room for fear of getting arrested, losing my scholarship (Full Ride), and having to go back home and explain everything to my parents. I'm just wondering, if I keep a few G's in a baggy inside a mason jar hidden away in my room (It's like an apartment, I have my own room as do my 3 other roommates), do you think drug dogs will be able to hit on it and can the cops come into my room and search it? I'm not selling or anything, just personal use. Any advice is much appreciated.
  2. I think police cannot enter into your room with drug dogs, seems fucking illegal to me, even more if you live at the US because police can't search you without probable cause, so...

    I mean even if they found something you should be able to state that they entered into the room without any permission or a reason for searching.

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  3. Hide it in a common area. Just make sure you hide it real good. If they use dogs you'll know it for sure because your stash will be missing.

    Edit: I had a buddy who used to hide joints inside bic pens and stash them in bushes, dirt, whatever.
  4. I doubt campus pd has a k-9 unit, and I would guess that any local agency pays a fortune training these dogs to be an instrument in the actual war on drugs. They're not interested in using them to scare kids and maybe score a few grams while ruining your life.

    For real, if you have a lot to lose I'd start looking for off-campus housing as soon as humanly possible and in the meanwhile I'd weigh the consequences of breaking school rules however stupid they may look. A full ride is a full ride.

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  5. Maybe things have changed but when I went to college you didn't need drug dogs as all you had to do was walk down the dorm halls in the evening and you could smell the weed yourself. I think your friends are messing with your new-smoker paranoia.
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  6. Red Cyan pepper, will take care of those bastards without harming them!!
  7. My son went to a large state university, pretty well known as a party school. No drug dogs ever lol

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