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Drug Dogs - dab pens

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Hush, Oct 10, 2018.

  1. I'm 18 in my senior attending high school in Lee County school district. I have extreme anxiety and in freshman year there were no drug dogs, I brought my dab pen every day and achieved supreme grades compared to when I don't have it. This year I have only seen 1 drug dog and its been in search of specific classrooms not the whole school and its been an entire quarter.

    1.) If my school happens to have a random search if i keep my pen on me will i get caught?
    2.) If anyone knowns some kind of estimate what would be the chances of random search happening as it has not happened all year even though it has been a full quarter
    3.) If a search does happen if i swallow a dab cartridge half an inch of glass will it break?
  2. Don't take drugs to school. Not worth the risk.

    As for swallowing a dab cartridge, I'd be really worried about
    it getting stuck in the digestive tract and causing you to need

    Your call, but I wouldn't do it.
  3. you're right
  4. real shit? if you see a dog throw your pen on the floor and kick it. cops are stupid.
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  5. To start, don’t post what school/county your district is in... For one, nobody gives a shit. Two, you cause yourself more risk.

    Onto the questions.
    1. Probably. This is hard to say as I have no idea how your school police are. I graduated in 2016 and went to a large school district in the city. My HS has random drug dog searches, as well each week they picked a random hallway and metal detected every student in that hall.
    If you’re school has/uses metal detectors, you will 100% be caught.

    As far as dogs, it really depends... If all they do is walk the dogs by the classroom doors while the students are inside the room, unlikely. If they make the dog sniff up your crotch, it’s gonna detect. It will most likely detect it if it’s in a locker and the dog walks past.

    2. This entirely depends on the history of the school searches. Ours were very, very sporadic...

    3. Please don’t. Your life is not worth it. I had a friend in HS swallow a bag of cocaine on a traffic stop, he nearly died, his heart had stopped and they didn’t think he was going to come back. Glass going down your throat has a high chance of breaking somewhere throughout your body... Whether it’s in the throat, intestines, or anus, I’d bet your life it’ll break. While the oil is not deadly, the glass is.

    Overall, I’m not going to tell you not to take it, because I did and still would if I was in school. With that said, if caught, be a man. Don’t whine like a bitch, don’t act like it ain’t yours, own the fuck up and you’ll be respected a lot more. If you got a future to loose, such as you want to be a cop or go into the military, don’t take the risk.

    Tip: At our school the second a hallway/room was being searched word got around via text VERY quickly and students rapidly ran to the bathroom to flush/trash their shit... I’d recommend making some connections if you haven’t already to get alerted quickly incase of a search or dogs. I had my ass saved twice because of some loyal friends.
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  6. you have two very helpful and thoughtful responses here. and one hilarious one. and now my boring, hardly constructive one. but yeah, I think you should take what these gentlemen have said and consider your question answered.

    thank goodness for the GC Community

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  7. This question was asked last week by someone with a different user name...

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