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Drug Dog Proof Stash Box

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by kevdoggystyle, May 13, 2006.

  1. Has anyone made or heard of a drug dog proof stash box
    ive heard of using old peanut butter jars
  2. I used to train drug dogs and you can get around them with vacuum packing but the outside of the bag can NOT be touched by anyone who has touched weed. So after it is packed and sealed wash it with soap and water and if you want go buy a scent lock bag, it is a cloth bag with active carbon between two layers of fabric then put it in there. that will work. Just be extremely careful not to touch the bag after you have touched weed.
  3. there is a kind of small plastic tupperware box that has a airtight rubber ring around the lid and it locks in place with small clamps. a friend had one and his weed was in it when it fell in a lake and it was just fine still. also once a cop dog sniffed by it and didint make a peep about that stuff. either it worked damn good or that was some old ass dog that couldint smell his way outta a paper bag. keep blazin.
  4. This guys seems to know whats hes talkin' about. +rep.
  5. Anything airtight is going to be smell proof but when you open the bag or tupperware or whatever and grab a nug then put the lid back on you are touching the outside and the smell would be on it.
  6. but if u keep some tweesers or a small pair of plyers to grab the nug and seal it up there u go no smell on the outside and it will stay smell proof
  7. Is this the only way? I was wondering something along the lines of this.

    I was considering putting something in my car that was maybe hidden, like a secret, locked compartment so if the police, for any reason, would ever search it they wouldn't be able to find anything. But I was going to look up ways of smell proofing it so if the drug dogs were also in there.....

    So what I'm trying to get at is theres no way then to smell proof just a box that would be opened and closed. I guess not since shroomtycoon said even touching the weed, then touching the bag can cause the dog to smell it.
  8. There's these cases you can get at outdoor stores and head shops sometimes that are usually yellow. They're shock/water/smell proof. They're usually for taking electronics on outdoor trips. Your bud is perfect in there, it'll stay fresh for a long time, no smell can escape and it protects your bud well. They're like $10 or something.

    Then they have "smelly" bags is what they call them that are doubled and reinforced... they conceal smell well, but I don't know HOW well.
  9. I forget where I heard it...but you should have a little launcher on your bag that launches doggie treats out, distracting the dogs. :D
  10. I heard that coffee covers the smell, I could be way off here but thats how they ship shit into the United States without our stupid ass ppl catchin it:smoke: :confused_2:
  11. I don't remember the exact numbers but a dogs nose is many thousands of times stronger than a humans so no you can not hide the smell with coffee. I have seen them find half an ounce inside a full gas can.
  12. a prescription pill bottle works the best IMO. I've been able to fit 4 grams of dank ass bud in one and it did not smell at all. The kid that sits behind me in my government class is like a junior police officer and goes on ride alongs and he tells me ways of getting past the dogs. He says if you have cloth seats and you have smoked in the car, the dog would be able to smell it for about a month if you haven't used febreeze or lysol. So keep your buds airtight, and keep a bottle of lysol disenfectant around.
  13. If a dog bisquit comes flying out of your bag the cops might think something was up. But that would be hilarious:D

  14. Im gonna get to work on that and i tell if it worked
  15. I have these boxes that the army uses to keep ammo in that are waterproof and heavy metal and i think they are smell proof cus ive kept a few stinky Os in there and you cant smell shit until you open em the boxes. You should check out your local army surplus store. theyre like 2 bucks each. They look like this: [​IMG]
  16. You can buy ziploc vacuum bags, and they work great: Cavuum seal your bud, wash your hands with isopropyl alcohol(just get the highest percentage you can buy. You can get the stuff at Walgreens or CVS), and then wash them with soap. Dip one side of sponge in the alcohol, and then wipe/scrub the bag completely clean. Make sure you wash both of your hands and the bag in alcohol (wash your hands first) to make sure all weed residue is completely gone. Then vacuum seal that bag inside another big just to be safe. If you are really paranoid get some activated carbon from the aquarium section of Wal Mart and put your bag a container with the carbon.

    Here are links to the bags, one of them is an actual electric vacuum, and the other is a hand pump. Ziploc Vacuum Starter Kit, 3-Quart Bags, 1-Pump: Health & Personal Care Reynolds 00590 Handi-Vac Vacuum-Sealing Starter Kit: Kitchen & Dining

  17. ZOmmmBieee thrreeaaad :eek:

    7 years DEAD
  18. Honestly, there is no such thing.. You can't mask the smell with anything because a dog's nose works differently than a humans nose.. If a dog smells soup, it smells all of the ingredients separetely, where we just smell soup. That's why masking the smell doesn't work.

    If you put it in any kind of container make SURE you don't have ANY residue on your hands whenever you handle said container. Also keep in mind that all smells will eventually leek through it, for different containers it will take longer, others a shorter amount of time. Once the smell gets through, which it eventually will, no matter what you put it in, the dog can smell it..

    And that is how a drug dog fucks everyone over 9/10 times!
  19. KevDogg knows what hes talking about. When dealing with dogs you cant touch the outside of the box with the hands that touched the weed. You have to change gloves when you close the box or you contaminate the outisde with scent.

    Bary Cooper talks about dogs in his videos as he was a k9 handler. Disguising scents like coffee dont work, the dog can pick individual smells.

    In his video he talks about a bust where smugglers used a car to haul weed. The weed was vacuumed packed and coated in oil or something. How did they get busted ? One of the packers accidentaly touched the outside of the car with his scent contaminated hand. One handprint thats all it took.

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