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Drug Dog Concern

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by blastedtwice, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. Ok. SO here is my situation...
    I have school tomarrow. (HIghschool)
    Im going to smoke with friends after school. I am providing the weed. And bubbler.
    I am going home from school with the friends.
    It's not alot, just about 1-2 small nugs.
    Im 'planning' on bringing the stuff to school in 2 zip lock bags, inisde of a shirt, inside of a CD case, inside of another shirt, inside of a gym bag. doused with Diesel Colougne.
    It's the beginning of the school year (4th week in to be exact) and they have a drug dog come in once a year. I dont know when it is coming...

    My concern is the dog. If the dog isnt there, then im home free. The facuuilty is too stupid to notice anything.
    If the dog IS there though.... i d k what to do...

    SO it comes down to this...
    TO take the weed? or not to take the weed?

    any advice??
  2. I really wouldn't worry about it that much if it comes in once a year. Why don't you just have a friend walk in and see if the coast is clear then bring it in, otherwise leave it in your car or something. I doubt a drug dog is gonna smell that small of an amount anyways.

    Also, if you're going from your school to blazing to your house, why dont you just leave everything at the crib and go home and blaze after school? Why risk bringing it to school?

    To be honest if I were you I'd just roll a jay and carry that around instead of a bub and a bowl, a lot easier to get rid of a J then some glass.
  3. I dont have a car to hide it in... otherwise that wouldnt be a problem
  4. Dont bring bud to school.ever.

    I dont care if you know theres no dogs in your state that day, it is still a bad ideea to bring bud to school.
  5. Get a friend with a car to hide it for you.
  6. just roll a J and take a highlighter marker and take the marker part out. insert joint. fits perfectly and is inconspicuous.
  7. Wow freshman, I wouldnt concern about the drug dogs so much, moreso losing your weed somehow cuz its in all that shit.
  8. If your smoking after school why dont you just leave the stash at your house and have your friends come over:confused::confused:, No risk of being caught and you dont have to be paranoid.
  9. This will do absolutely nothing to hide it, if they search a backpack and find a highlighter they will test it/take it apart, they are not that stupid. Also, this would do nothing to hide it from dogs
    this too would do nothing from dogs, most schools bring the dogs through the lot first, and a dog will smell it through the car.
  10. if your walking then put it in a coke bottle and just throw it someplace on the side of the road or something
  11. Wow bro you sounds pretty damn stupid aha first of all your doing all of that for two nugs.. i have had friends bring quads in jars on probation ahahha your paranoid as hell and imo your gonna mkae it obvious by over doing the hiding.. just put it in a empty water bottle and put to long socks on it covering it up bring a home made stem put them in your lockers and bam problem solved... you will look sketchy the way your doing it

  12. how do you fit a shirt inside a CD case? I don't think there'd be enough room... How'd you get that to close:confused:
  13. Im a senior this year... but that doesnt mean i have to have a car lol. im broke. and its good shit. anyways. im just going to take it in the gym bag like it is and stuff it in my locker.

  14. Nah man, not if you know what you're doing. Trust me.


    Oh, no, that's right, you're 12.
  15. its a big deluxe zipper cd case thing
  16. Did somebody say thunderfury blessed blade of the windseeker?!?!

  17. Im going to a freinds house... not going home.
  18. bring it in one ziploc bag, put it under your insole, problem solved, they dont check you when they run checks, and bud to school isnt bad, thats were i buy my bud.
  19. ok mr.13 year old,enjoy your third time toking with your 8th grade buddys!

    even if you are a senior,your still underage most likely
  20. Dont do it u fuckin idiot... Just wait til after school when ur safe at home to break out the smoke.. Not worth it! Think of the consequences

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