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Drug detection time calculator

Discussion in 'General' started by AimedForDeath, Apr 3, 2009.

  1. hey blades, i've been trying to find either a web-based or downloadable drug detection time calculator.

    i.e. you input your frequency of use, height, weight, age, ect ect ect and it gives you the most likely answer to the detection time.

    Anyone know where to find one? I've been searching all day and have come up empty handed. I know they are around because I used one a year or two ago while on probation.
  2. http://www.drugs-plaza.com/downloads.htm

    I found this, I used it a while back and while somewhat informative, I don't think its extremely accurate, hope it helps.. it's the thc calculator download on the bottom of the page.

    Also, found this with a quick search, its some java based thing where you input your day to day smoking for however long that you can remember, the past day, week, month, w.e. Then it tells you approx. where your levels are at detection wise.

  3. Ehh, sorry, I didn't know that mine was a fucking screen saver.
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    Have you looked into the system clean drinks? I was on probation a year or so back, and drank one before each test I had (3 total) and passed all three. I had smoked a week before one of them, and a few days before the others. The one I used was called "Formula 420 Body Cleanse" or something like that. It's creatine based I believe, but completely cleans up your urine an hour after drinking for 4+ hours.
  5. Yeah, my local headshop sells Vale Triple Strength for $30, but I don't want to smoke regularly, only one time every few months, I can't fuck my felony probation up, they'll lock me up for a long time. I just figure if I can get a calculator and its a week or less for sure, I might smoke in the up coming future.
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    Oh shit true that, forgot about your situation from that other thread. Well, its something to seriously look into, I mean, even if you do smoke just once, and you're pretty sure it is out of your system, dropping 30 bucks to be positive is not a waste. You can enjoy your toke and feel confident that you'll pass. I can honestly say it worked freakin perfect for me. And I was totally skeptical too.


    I'd imagine if you only smoked ONCE every four weeks or so during the probation, you could definitely fly by with a one week half-life, as long as you have a semi quick metabolism and drink a lot of liquids. Not overkill, just drink the recommended 6 glasses of water a day or so. It really does work wonders.

    It's something I tooled around with quite a bit lol. I had 2 years of probation and took 9+ tests. I was always smoking, just toned it down or had those drinks on hand. My first PO was lax about it, female, let me fail a few tests and didn't screw me over. But my second was a prick, tested me often, and was a real asshole for sure.
  7. You're on probation and you want to smoke... hmm....

  8. I'd say thats a pretty good summary of what he's getting at man.

    But for real, yes, some people choose to smoke up a bit on probation. Some of us feel its ridiculous to have to wait a year or two just to puff a little ganja because of some bullshit.
  9. Don't get me wrong, I think it's BS too. But the whole reason AFD is in this mess is because he violated his probation in the first place. Then he bitched up a storm because he has to pay 7500 bucks by the beginning of next year. Now he is saying he can get sent to prison for a long time if he gets busted. It may be bullshit, but it's definitely not worth it.
  10. AFD get a whizzinator and clean piss.
  11. I think you need to not make your own assumptions of my situation.

    I infact did NOT violate my probation. I caught a felony charge and am now on felony probation. If I violate I can be sent back for a max of 9 months. IF I catch another felony charge WHILE ON probation, they will say fuck it and send me to prison.

    There, I set the shit straight.

    Oh by the way, I'm still looking for a calculator.
  12. ya i nead one too i got a home drug test comin up, i heard niaccin changes your specific gravity (or somethin like that) which my test does test for.(first check)

  13. Damn dude, I wouldn't smoke. Is it worth going to prison over?
  14. I wouldnt go to prison for a violation, just County.

  15. County? I don't understand what you mean.
  16. jail..
  17. Prison is the big house, then Pen.

    County is just jail.

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