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Drug deals in the car or out?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Hunter697, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. I have been buying weed twice a month for about 2 years and i have almost always met my "guy" in a parking lot got into his car and made the deal. but recently i moved to a different town about 2 hours away and on my first deal there i pulled up got out of my car and went to get into the dealers passenger door and he was like "what the fuck you doing man?" i was like " o sorry my bad" and then he just passed it to me through the window. is that how it is usually done or what iv lived in the same place for most of my life so i would like to know if im doing the right thing just going into the dealers car?
  2. General rule of thumb: If you are familiar with or know your dealer well, then it is courtesy to enter the car to make the deal and strike up conversation. If you do not know your dealer well, or it is a first-time deal, DO NOT enter the car. That is dis-respectful and aggressive.
  3. it just depends on the guy i guess. i've gone inside a car, taken it through the window, etc. i always figured it was gonna be they're preference and they'd let you know
  4. my first priority would be not looking shady as fuck and trying not to get myself or the dealer caught. taking a cruise around the block is the right thing to do IMO
  5. I would never do it through a window and if I had to get into someone's car, I'd even make them go drive around for a bit....meeting in parking lots is shady any way you do it....I take no chances at all...drugs on your record is some serious shit....could affect your whole future...
  6. i'd ask to get in his car or get him in your car, take a ride around the block and be done with it.

    passing shit through a window in a parking lot is bad.

    edit: yeah what imcherokeeangel said :D
  7. yea I agree with AW I always ask if I don't know them 'cool if I hop in?' They have always said yes and if not I would go from there
  8. Wait until invited, or ask.

    All personal prefference. Usually more laid back guys with less to hide from their clients will prefer doing deals in the car, with a scale and whatnot, and maybe take a lil cruise to remove the sketch factor. Sketchy mofuckas who wanna give you your short bag and take off like doing it through the window.
  9. Just have them come to your house, or go to their house. If that won't work try a neighborhood, parking lots are sketchy all together. You always see the big bust on cops at like a waffle house parking lot or a gas station parking lot.​
  10. ive done the through the car window thing a couple times, it looks shady as fuck though, and i wasnt exactly comfortable lol.
  11. why does it matter as long as you get your bud:smoking:
  12. most guys will give you a quick ride to give you the shit.
  13. Thats what i do. Since Im buying i usually pick the dude up and drive a bit
  14. it all depends on the dealer and the meeting place i personally have done both but i agree that driving around the block is by far the best option
  15. as it has been said. If you see 2 guys sitting in a car after dark, its drugs, or sex, or both

  16. LOL @ what the fuck are you doing man?
    for some reason I can just picture somebody saying that.

    But yeah always ask before or something but it's dumb of him doing it through the window. I think it's better going into the car and going around the block IMO like others said.
  17. cause if you do it through the window it looks alittle more shady, and you may get busted, and then it really matters.

    With my guy i always get in the car, usaually drive around the block and have my buddy follow in our car.
    one time we were getting some yay and the dealer was sketchy as fuck, he drove past he threw the shit in our window and we threw the money, but the dumb as had the pills in a napkin so when he threw it, the pills went every were, mad it 10 times more shady. it also ended up being speed balls to so we were kinda pissed.
    IMO get in the car,
  18. its a lot safer to do the deal inside the car, cops know what your doing when your leaning into a guys carand handing him something, but you still have to ask if you can get in.
  19. well i've only done it through the window once and that was because there was no other way and we were in a sketchy part of town (a friend picked it up for me so...) but i usually go to there house or what i do now is i call my friend and he tells me to start to walk down the road then he picks me up, drives around for 10 mins then drops me off somewhere different but close to home :)
  20. Anyone who does a deal in their car and gets busted almost deserves what they get. If you don't have a dealer whose house you can go into or who you can meet in a discrete location away from any vehicles then get a new one.

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