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    Okay so this is a bit of a rant but i'm seriously fed up with the dealers in my area. All of them sell "Name Brands" like "oh hey you wanna buy some Jack Herer, or how about some Blue Dream?". Okay sounds good, so we get some of the Jack, its pretty decent but nothing like crazy. Get some more of the Jack from the same guy like a few months later, totally different odor, different high. You know it fucking bullshit. And me and my friends are all talking that we NEED to try some legit White Widow. Problem in these parts if they says it's White Widow it most likely isn't.

    Second thing though, I don't want to have to go into the depths of Chicago and get some Gang connection thats actually legit, I dont wanna mess with any gang shit lol.

    Sigh... Do I really have to grow it myself, thats what its pretty much looking like.
  2. It's called Jack Herer.
  3. You do not need gang connections to get good weed homey...
  4. Thats the best way to go about it bro. If you know what you're doing you know straight up its gonna be bomb, plus you know how it was grown and what kind of fertz and shit was used in the grow. Hasn't your mom ever told you, the dealers these days put rat poison in that shit! :laughing:

  5. Yeah I kind of know that but like, most of the dealers i've delt with don't know jack shit and lie about strain names of the mids they get from some bad grower.

    It's like i've gotta dig deeper with the connections or somthing
  6. its all about who you know i guess. but you do know pot is illegal right?
  7. Ya know... I thought I heard that somewhere.
  8. Whats this guy talking about? But ya, I wish Illinois would get some medical going, sick of being told about how this blue dream knocks your socks off, and then you go home to see thats it's the same bud from your last eighth of green crack. Worst part is I know my drug dealers lying but I don't have a better connect anyway :p.
  9. ya i've strongly considered that, thats a big plus knowing whats in it. And you'll save tons of money. Problem is it will stink up the place and I still live in my moms house so I couldnt really hide some plants in my room
  10. Thats exactly what i'm talking about!
  11. Op if you wanna do an indoor grow op just get like two 40L plastic storage containers, stack them on top of each other, cut the bottom out of the top one, duct tape the shit out of them together and rig with lights and fan, bury it underground and your good to go. i made a thread on me doing this if you wanna see. its easy and undetectable in my back yard. sad thing is 3 out of 3 plants ive grown in there went male...
  12. Dealers make shit up to help sell their product, what else is new? If it looks good and smells good, buy it. If it doesn't, don't. Don't get caught up with strain names and bullshit like that if you aren't dealing with dispensaries or growers.
  13. Don't pick by name. Ask to see both products and pick the best of the two....if the price is right. Honestly though, strain names mean little to nothing. "Name brand" can be mids or shwag if it's not grown right. No name can be some dankity dank too.

    Basically, outside of the cannabis club setting, all strain names can do is differentiate sativa or indica dominant. And that, of course, is only if the strain is legit.

  14. Thats a sweet Idea, I'd love to see your set up
  15. First of all, 96% of the drug dealers I've dealt with suck, well pot dealers is a better term. They suck at returing calls/texts and answering calls/texts. Most of the time they have no idea what they are selling brand name wise but all in all they are just shitty business people. I would rock at being a dealer and have thought about it lulz

    But yes, yo should grow your own. Fuck spending top dollar on bud when you can grow it at a fraction of the price. Order some seeds from the many seed banks online (don't worry about customs you'll be fine, most of us here on GC get our seeds that way with no issues at all). You'll find great pleasure in growing your own crop, especially since you don't have to count on others to get yoour smoke on. And the bonus, you can make a few bucks on the side if need be by selling to your pot head friends, just keep it a fucking secret that you grow!

    First rule of growing, there is no garden in your closet!

  16. Yeah I think i'll try growing. It just at first kind of seems all complicated and a huge process to grow some plants. And if you dont do it right it will be ditch weed. those are some of the initial concerns. Plus it will reek up the place so it would probably have to be out side in a tub like the guy above me posted. Sigh... I wish pot growing was as simple as shroom cultivation :/
  17. Nah, it's easier than you think and this site alone will provide you all the information you'll need to get started. Weed is a resilient plant, so if you do fuck up (ie over water, over nute, light burn, etc) and fix your fuck ups the plant will bounce back. Head over the Marijuana Cultivation section and get your learn on.

    And remember,
    The first rule of Growing is you do not talk about what your growing
  18. Thanks for the advice, and from now on my lips are sealed, except to my best friend but he'd fuckin help me with it because he's just as stoked as I am, and he smokes a lot more than me like 24/7 and doesnt have a job and pinches from his dad. Yeah we were talking about how awesome that would be if we had 4-5 good plants grown how much fuckin weed we would have to smoke. We wouldn't sell, just maybe now and then to some of our weed smoking friends.
  19. I'm with you man. I'm getting a house with some buds and I think I'm gonna start a super small op, like three or four plants. Just enough for me and my buddies.
  20. Yeah thats just what i'm thinking about

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