drug czars salary?

Discussion in 'General' started by newguy0220, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. anyone know what that lunatic makes a year?
  2. mad loot yo
  3. I dunno, but prolly a lot you're not hearing about (*cough*)..
  4. Free weed for life.
  5. does anyone know an actual dollar amount?
  6. I could ask my friends dad and find out for you...

    He knows a huge huge dealer who owes him like up to 20 pounds in weed. I forgot what he did for him but he used to partner with him and got him out of trouble some how, so he has 20 pounds of free weed waiting for him whenever he decides to make the trip out there (its a long drive though)
  7. im so confused on who this is
  8. yea wtf you talking about
  9. $9.75/hour
  10. i make so much that i have panthers
  11. the Drug Czar is the Director of the ONDCP, John Walters

    I dunno about his salary prob under 200K, that is, if you dont count the lbs of weed and mountains of blow this guy gets for free.:smoking:

  12. are you saying the drug czar has 20 pounds waiting for him or your friends dad? cause if your talking about your friends dad that was completely pointless to tell us and you confused the shit out of me with that post. randomness for the win.

  13. this dealer owes John Walters, the Director of National Drug Control Policy (a component of the Executive Office of the President), 20 pounds of weed?
    ..and he used to "partner with him"??

    hahahaha.. man the concept of that happening is too freakin' funny to even imagine! ;)

    just so we're sure we're talking about the same guy, is this the Drug Czar you had in mind?


    and no, I don't know what he gets paid. Probably around $185,000 a year..


  14. I don't think he cares about the money; being an important part of a corrupt repressive fascist regime is enough for him.
  15. LOL,...fvaambush must have the OP confused wit' a drug "kingpin" or something...
  16. gotta be over 200k/yr. fuck that guy.
  17. every night satan sends up a different demon to blow him. he gets a special bonus whenever a huge bust happens. but the real payment doesnt start until he dies. then satan is gona dump saddam and walters will get to be satans personal bitch for all eternity

    go watch south park the movie if you didnt get that last part
  18. the psoter thinks 1 guy the "drug czar" runs the ENTIRE drug trade.

    he is stupid and this is a waste of a thread
  19. why's this a waste of a thread?
    ..the op just wanted to know how much the drug czar makes :confused:

  20. I heard he fought for more wages, and now he's making 9.75 virgins (and one goat) every hour.

    I'm super cereal.

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