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  1. Did anyone else see the interview with the 'Drug Czar' on 60 minutes?

    For the most part, his approach of rehabilitation instead of incarceration is the better approach (not that government needs to be involved at all). Also, his claim that his approach is scientific sounded great... Then... Cannabis... Which he essentially bundled as a prospective dangerous trifecta with alcohol and tobacco. This nitwit actually said it lowers IQ, leads to poor academic performance, one in 9 occasional smokers gets addicted and he is worried the states will be enticed by the profits to be made, ignoring public health.

    Did any of you see this and what are your thoughts?
  2. Yeah, I watched it. Complete and utter stupidity per usual when you her some puppet on stage. Less mongering than I expected to see though, but still total garbage. The feds are just putting themselves in position to start writing mandates and collecting taxes on the mj boom by backing off a bit on pot.
  3. possibly, but if they tax it they have to reschedule which means they will have I admit it has medicinal value. Once legalization cascades across the country it will hurt the prison industry, police, judicial system (and whatever reaps the benefits from their legally looted money), big pharma etc. this is a huge thing, that the government has been brought to it's knees even though so many huge financial players and lobby groups will lose. And let's face it, big money decides the future of politicians not the people.

    It's great the Feds cannot afford to fight this.
  4. There was a couple congressman who wrote a letter asking for him to be fired a couple weeks ago because he said medical marijuana was a joke in an interview. The guy is definitely better than the previous czar in that he can at least acknowledge that marijuana isn't as harmful as heroine, but still miles behind what we need saying stupid shit like medical marijuana is a joke.
  5. I think the prison industry and police will be more than fine with legal mj, but big pharma will take some kind of hit for sure. But do they really have to acknowledge its medical effects to federally legalize it? Does tobacco have any medical uses? And the hit big pharma would take even if acknowledged probably wouldn't be huge. People will still keep taking their cocktails of prescription drugs I'm sure.
  6. Oh that's the same dipshit who said it has no benefits? I think I signed a petition to get rid if him lol. Not for my sake but for the sale of those who need it. I just enjoy it and don't mind breaking laws.

    Idk Seed, my girlfriend takes prescription opioids because they are way more affordable (due to being subsidized) but she and probably many like her would gladly toss them in favor of potent cbd/cannabinoid formulas.

    As far as your question, I think they would have to reschedule it not necessarily legalize it, but I am neither an expert or a lawyer(fortunately).

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