Drug Czar: Marijuana Legalization Not Even a Topic

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by SaulSilver1, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. Ya can't trust a word this guy says! Most of his budget funding is totally dependent on the illegality of marijuana. To him no prohibition = greatly reduced funds. The american people really need to hold these peoples feet to the flames if we are ever to have a non-propagandized national discussion of this issue.
  2. Ya I know just posting the link. I believe this is the same guy that also said they wouldn't stop raiding patients who used medical marijuana. However we all know that wasn't true.
  3. Who the hell are they to say what a topic is or isn't?

    Drug Czar is not the title of "god".
  4. The Drug Czar is has virtually no power. Read the law, it is required for him to oppose legalization.

    Office of National Drug Control Policy - Reauthorization Act of 1998

    We need to go after this law, THEN the Drug Czar.
  5. With the AMA coming out in favor of more research i cannot see the research NOT being funded for long. Its one thing having cannabis made illegal based of lies but another when research is being called for by doctors who rely on FACTS.

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