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Drug Czar disowns the term "War on Drugs"

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by Gilu, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. hey I was waiting to get a haircut (got rid of my mohawk). I picked up Rolling Stone (out of the 3 times I picked up the mag in the past 3-4 months they talked about legalizing weed) they said that the Drug Czar disowned the term. But I don't think it was elaborated because it was on the With us Against us meter.

    anyone knows about this stuff more in-depth?

    if he really did it... whoa... he pretty much admitted that shit's not working.

    This will go great with my Drug War presentation in 2 days :D
  2. The head of the DEA has said numerous times that they're losing the "war on drugs," especially on the Marijuana part of it. Every offical I've seen interviewed says the same thing. They KNOW it isn't working, and they'd be flat out lying if they said it was working.

  3. Not what the DEA website says. At all.

    But it's quite possible he did that, now that John Walters has his head up his ass elsewhere.

  4. I was watching the History channel, and every DEA employee and alot of higher-ups agreed they're losing the drug war. I remember a specific moment when a helicopter pilot was flying looking for Marijuana grow ops, and he said "Of course we're losing this war, especially against Marijuana. There's no way for us to win it in the long-term or the short-term," and thats more or less an exact quote. Of course the DEA website will disagree, that's their job. But when you speak to individuals they all agree and admit they're losing. I think the actual workers KNOW they're losing, and many admit it. It's the head of these organizations that have an obligation to keep up the chirade.

  5. Yeah but they say it's not working in attempt to take more money from us....
  6. Politicians have already admitted that its an unwinnable war from their side, they made it a war. Its been going on for about 70 years and hopefully they give in soon and realize they can make more money legalizing it then trying to stop it.

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