Drug Coverup from GNC

Discussion in 'General' started by jupe132, Sep 8, 2003.

  1. The Total Eclipse shit didn't work...my drug test came back for marijuana...anyone know of something that works...besides time.
    peace WG
  2. i smoked the day befor my test and that night i got drunk drank like 12 beers so i pissed alot then the next morning i drank a gallon of water befor i had to pee and it turned out ok the key think to do is to clean out all toxins from your piss so if ya piss it all out your good to go
  3. not smoking any weed helps for most people...

    otherwise, pee alot. and dont smoke weed.
  4. ...and all the others in the civilized world don't actually do drugtests.
  5. Where are some countries that don't give a shit? I'm a computer technician with about a year left on a BS in Comp. Sci. Is Canada a good place to go? I live in the South...Bible Belt, Drugs are BAD, and people who do them are CRAZY and MURDEROUS...just like me, quaint, civilized degree aspired 20 year old. Too crazy for the south?? Where are some good places to work [location] Thanks...Peace WG
  6. studies show urinal track contains 85% of toxins that are not exiled by common extraction of cumbustable waist that other wise are left to examination blah blah best cure drink a shit load of water speed up the unrinal process and get clean about two gallons of water pee three times four times a charm

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