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Drug and alcohol assessments

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by williedynamite1, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. I had to go to an intake office and he is making me go to drug and alcohol assessments and to go to counseling, chemically (Drugs) and mental. What are these? Has anyone ever had to go to them? If so, what should I be expecting?
  2. a bunch of questions about drug use lol i had to take one back in like november ish
  3. What I've heard about these (if I understand what you're talking about) is where they just sit there with you and chat shit about alcohol and weed (or whatever you're doing) and how bad it is for you etc. etc. From what I understand if you just suck it up and agree with them you get let off it much earlier.

    I'm not sure if that's the same thing as you're asking about but I think it is.
  4. They said I might need to go back weekly for piss tests weekly or bi-weekly until I'm designated rehabilitated and sober. So does that mean a couple weeks or for a couple months?
  5. it could be for the entire duration of your whatever... probation ill assume
  6. they didn't give me probation. they said I just need to follow the assessments people recomendations.
  7. did you get busted doing something?

    most people arent just put on UA's and shit because they were following the rules hahahaha
  8. I got busted with under a gram in Ohio so it's decriminalized here.
  9. hahahahaha just go in there and say you dont smoke often, its a rare thing and shit

    play stupid

    you will be fine.... if you get UA's it probably wont be long term
  10. Okay thank you I think this whole things dumb as hell. Weed being legal is right over the horizon for this country.
  11. yea, im hoping we have it legal here in CO this november hahah. When i get off probation.
  12. Man you're lucky living in CO. It's rumored that medical will be on the ballot in November for Ohio
  13. [quote name='"williedynamite1"']Man you're lucky living in CO. It's rumored that medical will be on the ballot in November for Ohio[/quote]

    I think it will be in KY next year too!

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