"Drug Addiction" and Why Marijuana is illegal

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  1. Through my experience i've found that many people who are against Marijuana view Marijuana users as "Drug Addicts". However, i've also found that most of these people are users of alcohol or tobacco, both of which are drugs which people grow an addiction to. THC (Which is not physically addictive, but is considered "psychologically" addicting) in MY opinion is not either physically or psycologically addicting. Addiction, according to some health experts would be anything that we form a dependency on or something that controls you life. Now according to the dictionary:

    the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming, as narcotics, to such an extent that its cessation causes severe trauma.

    Now, Evidence shows Alcohol and Tobacco are prime examples of both definitions but Marijuana fits neither! Never has THC caused someone to become so "enslaved" to the practice of consuming THC where they have suffered "Severe Trauma" or even minor trauma or at least there is no evidence of THC being linked to any deaths or trauma. And yet plenty of studies have been done proving that both Alcohol and Tobacco HAVE caused severe trauma due to Addiction for example alcoholism(and it's interference with family and friends), Liver problems, Lung cancer(tobacco). Not to mention the mass amounts of deaths per year from driving under the influence of Alcohol.

    So why is Marijuana illegal when the supertoxin Nicotine and Alcohol are legal? There are no studies saying that THC has any negative effects on the human brain and it has equal to less effects on the lungs. Well first off, it is only illegal to possess and trade Marijuana, however to consume it is not illegal because of civil rights or rights that we have as human beings in the united states. Anything that does not infringe on other peoples rights is not a crime. But then again if Marijuana was legal, possession and trade of Cannabis would be infringing on other's rights less then when it's illegal because of all the violence caused over illegal trade similiar to Prohibition of Alcohol and the Mob. Now instead of speakeasies and canadian smuggling we have big cartels based out of countries like Afghanistan and run by Terrorist groups. All of the profit these cartels make from bringing Marijuana (as well as other drugs) into the country goes towards thier war on the U.S. when it could be profiting to the U.S' war on terrorism.

    Another way legalization of Marijuana would help the U.S. would be the stimulation on the economy through taxes and the many jobs the Marijuana industry would create. The government would spnd less money on locking up marijuana users and dealers and in return profit the U.S! But what we dont think about is the GOVERNMENT doesnt fund the war on drugs, We as citizens fund the war on drugs through TAXES! From another perspective the Medical and Oil industry runs our country which links back to why its only illegal to possess and trade marijuana. Marijuana can be used in both industries but cannot be controlled therefore losing both industries money and that loses the government money. When i say it cant be controlled i mean we can easily grow and obtain marijuana through a third party (unliscensed dealers) for cheaper then the liscensed would be able to offer it to us due to taxes. So the government officials would make LESS money even though the U.S. as a nation would be prospuring. So in my opinion GREED is the reason Marijuana is illegal.

    I could honestly go on all day about this theory but then this thread would be a novel, and im tired so im gonna go chill out and get some sleep. Feel free to contribute to the theory and include some points i left out, only together can we get anywhere in a legalization initiative. It's not much different then eliminating segregation, its just people can conceal the fact that they smoke easier then thier skin color. Unless everyone who smokes marijuana can be proud and take an initiative instead of worrying about how it makes them look to society, Marijuana will never be decriminalized or legalized on a Federal level only a state level for medicinal purposes.
  2. your correct, but to burst yur bubble, most of us know all this and think the same stuff.the gov. is fubar. You shouldnt give a fuck what they label it. Im smoking regardless, thier view means nothing except it effects legalization/decriminalization but like i said..Im smoking regardless.
  3. Well yea i dont worry about labels im just me, but i would like to be able to grow and smoke without having to worry about the Feds. So even though we smoke regaurdless of what the government thinks were still being oppressed because of our life choices. In my thread i am just trying to explain to all the people who smoke but are worried about labels that they shouldn't worry about being labeled a drug addict and be proud of thier life choices. In other words if your too afraid to take initiative because you dont wanna be labeled nothing will ever get done and you can never really be free, if that makes sense.
  4. I know many people who can not stop smoking marijuana; they are addicted.

    Is it less harmful than cigarettes? Alcohol? By far, but that doesn't mean it isn't an addiction. People are addicted to everything from television to video games to chocolate to their lovers. Almost all relationships you have with anything can be described as an addiction. Some are socially acceptable and some aren't, but again they can all be described as addictions.

    Overcoming addiction, even marijuana addiction, can be hard and I wouldn't necessarily down play the problem by saying it isn't addictive. That is a flat out lie. It is probably one of the most psychologically addictive drugs, actually. So many people are such chronic users it is ridiculous. It is the best escape drug. There are just so many reasons you can rationalize your use of marijuana. Excuses not to quit are bountiful, but many people I know have told me many times they wish to quit and haven't been able to.

    It is still the best drug out there, and certainly should not be illegal. I've been three weeks strong without a toke after about 2 years of smoking nearly everyday. It hasn't even taken too much will power because it isn't physically addictive. I just realized I smoked weed when I was bored and found more productive things to fill my time with. No cravings or anything due to the lack of a physical dependence.

    Now I need to work on those pesky cigarettes... (Which I do crave!)

  5. i love how people make the claim that marijuana is only mentally addictive

    as if mental addiction is no big thing at all

    as if it's not 'real' because it's mental

    like it's physical addictions angsty little sister going through puberty and is all round moody

    i know people who i have never seen sober

    "i'm not addicted, I just like it, now excuse me while I smoke another joint"

  6. Jeffrey A. Schaler, Ph.D.

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    I agree mental addiction can be just as bad as physical addiction but there are some cases in which the withdrawel from a physical addiction can be fatal such as extended use of Xanax or Heroin. Never have i heard of a fatal mental addiction or someone that couldnt stop smoking bud if they NEEDED to. Some people would say "If your not addicted then why dont you just quit? or why dont you cut back?" But why quit or cut back if you have no reason to? Its something i enjoy doing so of course im going to keep doing it, not because i have a dependency on it but because its more like a hobbie. And if someone told me "if you dont stop smoking tomorow, you will die or something bad will happen" i would be able to stop. And w/d from marijuana is slim to none, You may crave it but its not mentally or physically taxing.
  8. Marijuana is illegal because society can't absorb bullshit propaganda and media if everyone's smoking it. I truly believe it enlightens your outlook on life and are able to look beyond the fabrications of society. What the government tells us to do and not to do. Smoking allows us to become free, and if certain people can't control us, economic and political systems fail. It's because of greedy/rich individuals that marijuana is not legalized.

    toke on. :bongin:
  9. I know a few people who are addicted to marijuana, but the worst that comes out of it is they spend a lot of time sitting around doing nothing. They still have a job and one hell of a life, so I guess you couldn't call it "sever trauma" but according to the common definition, marijuana can be very psychologically addictive. (Probably because there's no real reason NOT to smoke weed all the time...)
  10. Whenever I'm in a legalization discussion, I don't even mention the economic benefits it would bring (well occasionally I do). To me it ultimately boils down to an issue of morality and the fact that the state thinks I belong in jail or on a probation payment plan. I know people who smoke all day everyday and lead productive, fulfilling lives. I know people who smoke all day everyday and are unemployed lazy pieces of shit. I know parents who discreetly have a toke every now and then that are good parents with smart, happy children. Apparently all of these people belong in jail according to our legislators. Pot can be harmful if you let it make you a stationary shit and piss factory, but even stationary shit and piss factories don't belong in cages. And as far as addiction goes, I don't think concrete walls and steel bars are the best rehabilitation policy, but the state obviously knows best. :rolleyes: Regulate and tax and use the generated income to educate, prevent, and treat. EPT motherfuckers. :smoking:
  11. In reality it shouldn't matter whether a drug is addictive or not. What should matter is whether people have problems with the drug, addiction or not. If 9 out of 10 people lost their left thumb after smoking marijuana, that would justify making it illegal (though not in my head - the "liberal" US government isn't at all liberal enough according to my ideals). If 9 out of 10 people, after smoking marijuana, makes the decision to keep smoking marijuana everyday that wouldn't justify criminalization; then we'd have to criminalize coffee, snacks and even Family Guy. If 9 out of 10 of those who smoke marijuana everyday couldn't stop if they wanted, well.. How does it help putting them in prison? What are those people actually being punished for? "Making themselves too lazy to contribute to society" would be my guess - by following the "Reefer Madness" way of thinking, of course. I mean the government knows very well that it doesn't make you violent. According to what they say about marijuana, the only damage gained from smoking is self-damage. But why don't you get a prison sentence for trying to kill yourself then? Or eating a burger?

    Even if the government was right about marijuana, what they're criminalizing (by making the purchase of marijuana illegal) is making yourself lazy and giving yourself mental diseases. To me it all just seems like political correctness winning over logic and reason. And, well, we know there ain't much feeling and compassion involved in the government, but without logic and reason there's pretty much, well, nothing involved. Every existing way of governing a country is based on an ideology. Those ideologies are usually pretty smart and have been made by smart people. The governments sell themselves using these ideologies (socialism, capitalism, conservatism, liberalism etc.). The problem is, though, that they don't; all those ideologies died years ago - probably along with the people who invented them and enforced them. Nothing is like it was intended, but we just ignore that and pretend it is. It sickens me.

    And about marijuana being legal to smoke, despite being illegal to buy and sell - I'm surprised to learn that. In my country it is like that, but I always assumed that the consumption of it was illegal in USA. But if it isn't, why are people so worried about drug tests? I mean, if a drug is legal to consume, a positive drug test shouldn't get you in trouble?
  12. Well drug tests cannot get you convicted unless your on probation then its a violation of probation and thats what really gets you in trouble. But violation couldd be leaving the state too and the penaltys the same. The only reasons people really worry about drug tests are for jobs because that will disqualify you, if someones afraid to get in trouble with thier parents or probation. Ive failed a drug test for the military and tested positive for weed and coke and nothing happened but that was with the recruiter, if you fail at MEPS you will be disqualified for life but you cant get convicted.

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