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       Hi guys welcome to my first journal on grasscity! I've been lurking for a while and can see what the advantages of having a journal on here really is, there is so much knowledge on here so dont skimp! LOL I love learning and this is what my passion is, GROWING GANJA.
    So anyways its works for me to start the journal now because my latest grow, a scrog, in a 8x8 shed, 5 plants(all from clone),1 Blue Dream, 1 Amsterdam Haze, 2 Oregon Skunk Buds,and 1 Afgooy, with 1000 watts, took a turn for the worst, there was a giant snow storm that turned to a ice storm shutting off power in the area for 4 days, at day 47 of flower. after like 36 hours without power, I cut them down because the humidity was at 90% due to the in or out fans being off. id rather have early weed than early moldy weed
    So the cool part about the story is that i had taken cuttings from the plants before i flowered them(except the Blue Dream, I couldnt get get it to clone while it was vegging, however i made a final effort to clone her a like week 2 of flower and 1 out of 3 cuttings rooted!), lol and so on....you know how cloning can get carried away when you get dialed in=] so i was able to bring them clones to a friends house with power to hold them off til the power came back on, and it did so theyre back home under 5 t5 bulbs in 1 gal pots with peat moss with perlite running botanicare pureblend and liquid karma, the oldest ones are like 1 month give or take a week, the oldest  ones,i have 12 that i get to pick 6 out for this coming run, so whichever 6 plants that i choose should be ready to flower in about thirty days and thats good because i need time for upgrades=]
    The 1st upgrade for the coming ru is going to be the switch from soil to coco, and so the 6 i choose will be put into 3 gallon pots filled with coco for the last phase of the veg period before going into their 15 gallon flowering pots. im really excited about the coco ive witnessed its awesomess in grows ive worked in before, its great. i think im gonna do a 70%coco 30% perlite and maybe hrdrated lime for calcium?( the last grow had lots of symtoms of calcium issues i dont want to run into again)
    The 2nd upgrade will be that im switching to another shed for this grow, the last was an 8x8, the new one is 8x16 and the plants will only take up an 8x8 area, I have a brilliant plan,but you guys will just have to wait to see it=]
    So lets focus on the clones, or should i say teens at this point, im going to post pics here shortly
    and i will also post pics of the late plants in flower i think i got some pics of them at day 25 or so and of some of the premature bud, its soooo sparkly for its age, LOVE IS THE GREEN IN GREEN THUMB

  2. Charge your coco with calmag. 200-300 ppms in the water you use to hydrate it. Best thing you could do. Im sure coco growers will agree.
  3. thanks for the reply man!
    so what your saying is, calmag is enough? I had just heard that certain plants uptake calcium at a high rate and sometimes calmag is not enough so thats why you would "amend" your coco with lime? im not sure.....but this is exactly why i wanted to start this topic because i want to talk with you guys that use coco cuz i have questions=]
    ok 1st question, is it mandatory to use RO water for coco?
    2nd question, dont bash me for asking, I already know I need a ph meter, got that already lol, my Q is that is a PPM meter a must have with coco?
  4. ya the calmag will work. Im no pro with coco but i have been using it with great results. Feed your plants calmag as often as they need it. If u dont see a deficiency dont feed it if u dont want. But definately charge the coco before planting, and ph the water and calmag solution to whatever you are gonna run your ph at. That helps. 
    RO water isnt mandatory, But it is definately much nicer to use. It will pay for itself, and gives you a lot more control over your ppms. If your water starts at 200 ppm, and you can only give your plants 200 ppm when they are young, then u cant add anything! That sucks!
    Yes a ppm meter is a must have. And find out what the conversion rate of your meter is. Ph and PPM meters should come before seeds and nutes IMO. Your plants will thank you with big ole buds in return. Burned plants, ph problems and poor grow room conditions equal shitty plants. (or dead ones!) Get the best meters you can get, and calibration solutions also, so you can check them and check em often.  Best advice a new grower can recieve.  I learned the hard way, cuz i didnt know nuttin bout growin. Dont make those mistakes. Read read read and ask ask ask!
    Good luck bro!
  5. thanks man for all the info! i really appriciate it, alright so ill put calmag down on my to get list, and i understand the RO water now, im gonna try to call the water people and see if they give me the details of the water, and i see the importance of a ppm meter so ill put that on the list tooo yay all my moneys gone=]
  6. It will be worth it. You can do it on a budget, but those things have got to be there. It will make growing and diagnosing your plants much easier, and you will reap the rewards in the end. And thats what this is all about ain't it?
  7. haha yea man for sure. i did some looking around and i found on ebay a package deal from bluelab their ppm meter and ph meter you can buy it now for 140 bucks, ive been referred to bluelab before and ive been wanting to upgrade my ph meter anyway and this is the best deal by far ive seen. cant say no lol
  8. Alright so i was finally able to gather some pics of the last grow, NOTE these are not current pics! also no judging!I made a couple mistakes and the plants honestly just didnt have enough light. that issue will be solved with the upcoming run.
    ok so heres a pic of one of the colas on the blue dream, i believe this was at day 30 or so. by far the most resilient plant ive ever seen grow
    blue dream.jpg
    this is the Afgooy, she was the runt when i got all the clones and she just had a had a hard time, when i transplanted her into the 15 gallon and moved her into the flower room, temps fluctuated beyond my control and it stunted her. notice the taco leaves, mag deficiency.
    this one is the Amsterdam Haze, this strain will be most likely be what i run this coming grow. as you can see it didnt have enough direct light so it stretched like crazy in the back. considering how high it gets me being premature meds is impressive, im itching to see it grown to maturity. smells like lemons. the Haze and the Blue Dream were the only ones that made it to the top netting
    this is a shot of the blue dream and haze at i think day 30
    and a shot of all 5 together. as you can see the sativas shot to the top netting lol
  9. Looks like you got a decent size space there! And the plants dont look bad, its all a learning process. I started growing with two small floro under cabinet lights in a cardbord box and some tin foil lol! Got 4.5 grams! but those grows are where you learn the most! And for not having ph and ppm meters it looks to me like you did pretty well. Keep growing the same strains for a while. A few grows anyway. It will help you learn soooo much. Then when you got those strains down, add another. You will learn the differences and see minute changes and problems that pop up.  Dont worry about judging and the like. Most guys are here to help or get help (usually both actually) and usually someone will have had the exact same experience or is having the same issues and it becomes a huge group effort to grow the best girls we can! You look to be on a good road! Read read read!
  10. thanks man so much for the encouraging words, it means alot=]
    so today we trimmed and weighed up the 5 plants, they have been hanging for a week, 12 ounces total, im satisfied with that for taking them down early, and honestly its soo dank ill post nug shots
  11. mate they really look nice and you can tell alot of care went into training them.
  12. thanks alot man, i give them lots of love and the scrog method can be a bit harsh i just try to tell them its for thier own good, whatever i do to my plants i just try to keep the stress down, and they love you for it.
    posting pics later today
  13. Love your Scrog work mate that is a bludy master piece, I'm sure the next grow you will smash that harvest when you take them all the way through, congrats lad very nice indeed.
  14. ok it may be a little before i can post pics somehow yesterday i lost the card reader to my camera so ill have to find it before i post any pics, sorry guys
    thank you so much man yea i put lonnngg hours in my garden, and i really really try my best, and it also helps alot that i have a true passion for this plant=] but seriously thankyou for the encouraging words
  16. Hey no problem mate, it just blows me away when I see awesome scrogs like urs, u can tell it's a real labour of love and must took a whole lot of well used man hours... Love it lad.
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    Alright guys so i just have to say i have to best girlfriend, i was all pissed this morning i lost my card reader, she went out on some errands and brought me back a new one, what a sweetheart=]
    so heres the pics, this first one is just a group shot of the early buds just for an idea, im going to try to get some macro shots but its hard when the last thing on your mind at the grow is taking pics lol 12 ounces total
    alright so it came about time to transplant the six plants that im going to be running this coming grow, i was wanting to wait until i was set up for coco to transplant but i dont want to risk them becoming root bound so just went ahead and did some soil to hold me over until im set for the coco. so that brought that situation to make upgrades to the veg room to just make room for everything, so i put them into 3 gallon pots from a 1 gallon, just for the last phase of growth before they are transplanted into they're 15 gallons bloom pots. from the pics you will be able to see my style of LST, i just try to keep the stress down while keeping them as horizontal as possible 
    View attachment 1379145
    so after transplanting, everything was taken out, as you can see it is basically an insulated wardrobe
    with the doors shut
    the group outside the veg box, sorry about the blurry pic
    so the first thing we did was build shelves and mount lights
    View attachment 1379163
    View attachment 1379167
    the T5 bank
    View attachment 1379169
    cfls for the middle shelf and assorted lights for the top shelf, for seedlings and starts
    veg box full of plants=]
    AFGOOY (dont mind the dirty sticky trap its just dirt lol thats not all bugs
    Thanks for looking guys im going to get some more individual shots of the six ladies i will be running so you can watch them grow with me=] 

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  18. Yay its a good day! I got my pens today, they came so fast, im so impressed
    and here you guys go, some bud porn=] this one is Blue Dream
    this one is Afgooy
    and now you guys can take a look at some of the canidates for the coming indoor grow, I have ten plants in 3 gallon pots which from I will choose 6 that go into the flower room and 4 that will be part of the group that will be growing outdoors this year. this first pic is Afgooy
    Amsterdam Haze
    Oregon Skunk Bud
    Amsterdam Haze
  19. I'm in for the ride!
    Love the wardrobe you set up, wishing i had the space for something like that right now. :smoking:
    you've got some absolutely beautiful photos of some very beautiful plants so far! can't wait to see some more.
  20. nice cabinet. u r gonna be much happier with those pens!

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