Drove past an oncoming cop mid-toke today

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by TheReckoningDay, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. Haha I have this happen too often. Specially when my friends and I are drivin round toking. I always fuck up too. We'll see a cop coming towards us and we'll all be alll like 'Guys look normal do NOT look at the cop' but without fail as soon as theyre right infront of us we all whip our heads to look at them with shit eatin grins plastered on our faces. Recently too I was riding with a friend and was blazed and we was waiting at a stop light and a cop pulled up right next to us, didn't see it was a cop at first, just heard a car pull up beside us and seen it out of the corner of my vision a bit. Slowly turned my head, stared right at the cop, he stared back at me, then I screamed. Didn't hit me that it was a cop til I was staring right in his eyes for a good 5 secs and him in mine. He didn't do anything though, just shook his head like he thought I was an idiot and drove off once the light changed :confused:
  2. This thread was crazy.

    But yeah, I did a really similar thing not too long ago. I was ridin' along in the passenger seat of my friends car and I was trying to light up a J. I was just holding it in one hand roasting the end with a lighter. Well, my friend freaked the fuck out and I looked up, there was a cop SUV going right past us, and me roasting the J was totally visible.

    The cop just kept going... it was freaky though lol, had us all excited.

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