Drove past an oncoming cop mid-toke today

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by TheReckoningDay, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. ^^ Actually ya'll should take this to PM.
  2. forget it i've said my piece :rolleyes:
  3. Dude you in McHenry Il?
  4. dude im in the mac
  5. She probably had more important people to bust that day. Lucky swift, OP.

  6. why do you care so much if some random guy wants to smoke a bowl on a random ass road chill the fuck out son hes not affectin you if he hits somethin then hes going to have to pay for the damages or even as you say hit a kid hes gotta go to jail for that shit its his choice not yours dont gotta b a dick man
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    ...like i care lmao. You seem way too paranoid of a person, I'd hate to toke with you. I can honestly say, I can easily smoke a few bowls and drive high. It really isnt that hard, especially if you have a tolerance like mine. I know this sounds cocky and other peoples lives are at stake..but thats the truth

    Oh yeah, we cruise the highways, not in fucking neighborhoods with little kids shithead

  8. pretty cool, i was standing inside a dunkin donuts once stoned as fuck and a cop was on the right side of me getting his coffee, I just stood there normally, His partner came in wondering wtf took so long, He got his coffee and left.

    needless to say, it was quite the experience to stand next to a cop while your stoned getting coffee.

  9. omg srry man ur pst rly is AFFECTIN me

    shit son get a spellcheck

  10. and guess what, when i drink a fifth of vodka and shoot up some of londons finest skag i can easily drive normally. it really isn't that hard, especially if you have a tolerance like mine.

    and ya know what if i hit a kid who cares it's not as if it matters if the kid dies because i'll be going to jail and that makes everything alright :rolleyes:

    also, you big shitter, okay maybe you won't hit a kid, but say you kill one of their parents on the highway, BANG you've just made an orphan.

    the stupidity of certain people makes me feel as if somebody is jabbing a toothpick into one of my testicals, FUCK

  11. over reaction of the day:hello:
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    Oh my god, theres no way you can compare being high and being drunk while driving. That is fucking retarded, i will never drink and drive.

    I never said the kids death would not matter. So quit fucking putting words in my mouth, shit. Also, I have never ever heard of/read anything in the news of sudden bowl cruising potheads that run people over and kill them.

    Not all accidents are fatal. Lmao. I hope a cop sneaks up and knocks on your window next time YOUR PARKED MOTHERFUCKER

    You are one of the most paranoid, overreactive blades in the city
  13. calling somebody paranoid on a stoner forum haha that's new :rolleyes:
  14. @OP

    hahahahahahah. Please:wave:

  15. Please what? Im faded :smoke:

    Whathisname, billybob! Im givin up son, you're right. Cruising with pieces is dumb as shit lol and so am I, so it kind of works out, ya know? Ill just stick to sketchy lots even tho thats what i usually do
  16. I know how you feel, I did this shit once except the smoke I blew out completely covered the dashboard. I was frozen in terror.
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    :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: Most stoners are CHILL not paranoid. Most of them have a set too, lmao.
  18. You are paranoid.

  19. fucking suburban cops man, sure its decriminalized 30 min down rt. 64, but here its OHHHH LAWWDY LAAAWWDY DEYYYZZZ SCHMMOOKIN DAA DEVILS LETTUCE!!!
  20. haha this motherfucker said bollucks

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