Drove off with the gas pump still attached...

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  1. So I was kinda baked and in a hurry and I went to get some gas and in my hurriedness I drove off with the nozzle still in my tank :\ it snapped the line at the break away point and I stopped at the end of the parking lot and ran out an threw the nozzle to the side and took off. Needless to say I'm embarrassed and will never go to that place again lol. So is there any way for them to make me pay for that? Or has this ever happened to any of you guys? And no I'm not a girl :)
  2. haha they prob could get u for it cause they usually have cameras
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    aww damn i just read the last bit forget it
  5. lol... people like you are the reason theyre taking off the hooks on pumps so you have to pump it manually... :rolleyes::rolleyes:
  6. They probably have you doing it on camera, and the gas station cameras (if they have pump ones) are generally aimed to see plates at the pump... so if they have them you will be taken to court for, probably more than 1 charge, hit n run and vandalism or something of that nature.... because you didnt just you know... tell them and pay up like you should have.... you could get felony charges for that shit dude....

  7. LOL :hello:
  8. Take it easy and toke for a while. Give it a good month then forget about it.

    If worse comes to worse, you'll probably get a bill in the mail.
  9. Seriously? What the fuck, it was a mistake.
  10. I can't believe that you did that, i just don't understand why you would leave the nozzle in your car.
  11. Yes, and they will.

    It's your fault after all, man up.

  12. It was a mistake until they drove off. If you hit a pedestrian by mistake, do you think they let you just drive off, because it was a mistake? lol Hit and Run laws make, "mistakes" not really an option when you are driving, you make the mistake, deal with it, or it goes from mistake to "wtf why did you run, you got something to hide???"
  13. Lol! That's hilarious.

    Reminds me of one time getting on the school bus. A string on my backpack got caught on one of those ridiculous plastic arms that swing out from the bus. Anyway, I walked right onto the bus and the bar flexed around and snapped off. At the time I thought someone was trying to pull me down so I kept on trucking up the stairs lol. That was embarrassing.
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    actually i've changed my mind can i still have the blowjob?
  15. Haha i was pretty baked one day and drove into cumberland farms. Not actually into the store haha but I just knocked some wood in on one of the corners of the building. I had to go in and give them my insurance information. They sent me a letter in the mail saying they were going to file a claim, still haven't heard anything though.

  16. I chuckled once or twice.

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    o man. lmfao.

    ive done stupid shit when high. but lmfaoooooooo hahahaha

    btw. PSN is still down??? faaawwwk ive wanted to smack ppl since 420 or prior

    EDIT: DOUBLE LOOOOOOOL for pic^^^ epic win +rep for that guy
  18. Did you use a credit card to pay for this? Ahahah they may like charge a ton on it, but i doubt it ahah funny storry
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    car with gas nozzle - Google Search


    just go back to to.....

    the gas station....

    and be like....


    i got your gas nozzle.

    he'll be like: 'Cool story bro'

    and everything will be fine and dandy and you will be on your wayz.
    just like on the internetz

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