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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by dc123, Dec 5, 2010.

  1. Doesn't it suck when you just can't find pot anywhere around you?!! It's horrible. I literally haven't smoked in 2 weeks. WHAT SHOULD I DO EVERYONE?!!!! Hopefully I can find some before christmas......
  2. what's worse is when it's all around you (literally everywhere) but you can't smoke it, when you find it you'll be supa happy:hello: good luck, there's worse kinds of droughts
  3. My thoughts on this are there is a small drought, but you also need to look harder. Don't get lazy.

    Also, you're disrespecting the herb. You're acting like you need it, you never NEED the herb. It only comes around good for you if you respect it.
  4. There is never a Drought, Because there are tons of growers everywhere. You just need to know the correct people
  5. That never happens with me because im a Senior in high school, around this time of your life man EVERYONE smokes. Heres what i do if its even a little hard to find

    1. All my legit dealers (I have 4) are in my fone as DLR... so example DLR Jared or DLR steph so whenever i type dlr in my fone i get a list of people who sell

    2.Everyone i know who smokes and/or can get me shit is in a diffrent chat group on facebook so even if somehow ALL my dealers are gone or some shit i can just call up my homie and be like "yo man could you hook me up tommorow?"
  6. man DLR thats a little obvious to parents and police dontcha think;)

  7. When do cops EVER go through peoples phones? Watch cops once in a while. Also anyone on this site should be a big kid by now, parents shouldn't be going through your phone at this point in life.
  8. Yeah it may be obvious but...
    1. I have about 450 people in my phone, 4 maybe 5 are listed as DLR so its a little hard to find
    2. Im 18 and legally an adult, and my mom gets that and she respects my personal shit
    3. If a teacher at school or a cop ever even threatens to take my phone i just take the battery out (only had to do that once) With my History teacher and he just said "why did you need to take the battery out?" and i replied "Why does the battery need to be in there, unless you were planning on committing an illegal act" That shut his pompous ass up for a while

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