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  1. ehh, right when my T-break is almost over, i end up in a drought.
    i've been buying from the same dealer for years. he never sheds me, i always get what i pay for, every time, and the weed is killer.
    i tried to call him today to re-up for this weekend when my t-break ends, and his phone is off, so i go by his house and all the lights are off and shit, so i'm like "wtf man?".
    so i called his cousin this morning, and apparently my dealer disappeared because he shot someone, so he's hiding. so i'm stuck with no weed until this shit blows over.

    how much does that suck? :(
  2. your the lucky one in this story....imagine bein the poor son of a bitch the got shot
  3. First degree murder usually doesn't "blow over."
  4. Haha, You're going to be waiting a while.
    Find someone else to buy from.
  5. Not everyone who gets shot dies :rolleyes:
  6. I'm sorry Judge i didn't know i was under oath
  7. yeah the guy didn't die.
    and he had broken into his house, which is why he got shot.
    far from first degree murder.
  8. then he shouldnt be in hiding

    unless....the person is involved in bigger things, you know?
  9. well I'm sure I'm not the only one he sells to, so he probably doesn't want to get involved in anything until he knows his tracks are covered completely. I'd do that same thing, in a situation like that. When you buy pounds of weed at a time, i guess you have to make sure that shit can't come back on you.

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