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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by marcusman23, Oct 12, 2006.

  1. does anyone know if there is something going on in florida, specifically orlando? because i cant find any decent nugs. maybe im just an outcast, but i should at least be able to find some crippie or something. it was never this hard to find bud in tallahassee. maybe its because i just moved a couple of months ago. anyways, if anyone can enlighten me on this problem, then i would be extremely grateful.
  2. idk about florida but up here in the D theres a drought for sure, but people will be harvesting the outdoor plants soon so hopefully it will be over
  3. Hell yeah, look forward to outdoor season comin up-
    My boy in Atlanta grows outdoor and his herb is crazy, cant wait to pay a visit
  4. Yeah man, Im down near tampa and its been kinda dry for a week or two.
  5. Its alright Central Florididians, I have been terrible dry lately, but last night I came thru with the HINDU KUSH, and OHH BOOOYYY DOES IT GET YOU RIPPPPPPPPPPPPPED, So hang in there Florida the good bud is on its way !!!!!
  6. there has been a small drought up hear in PA but i have stil been aple to get small amonts of bud i scored a half of bluebary the other night the resson i think there are droughts is becouse election are come up next month in most places
  7. yea same here on the coast of florida its been hard to find green but the other day i picked up a half oz of 60 so i was glad bout that i got bout dub left so iam tryin to make that last
  8. You need better contacts; if I can find gear in the worst UK drought for over 15 years, I'm damn sure you can find it in a state 5 times bigger than the country I live in :p
  9. NorthEast, Ohio has been dry for about two weeks.....election time sucks..

    oh and i also have to find a new dealer cause shes gettin a " real job " lol ...or im thinkin about growin

  10. what part of pa you from? pittsburgh has been hittin hard times.
  11. Minnesota always has its drought during the summer (June-August). I dont know why election time would have anything to do with it??
  12. It was dry in Tallahassee for a few days from what I hear, but then I heard my friend came through with a half pound of chron, which came from Orlando. So yeah, theres def. bud in Orlando. I'm just workin on finding it in Pensacola right now.
  13. I live near pittsburgh and it was pretty dry for a couple weeks. Seems like the drought is ending though. My one friend is gettin some real good puddah tho. He let me sample it earlier and I cant wait till I get enough money for an o. Mids seem to be coming back too.
  14. Things will get better all over real soon as this year´s outdoor crop arrives.
  15. Outdoor crops already started here...I've already picked up outdoor stuff twice, it was fucking amazing.
  16. we've been dry here in virginia for about 2 weeks and now all thats coming thru is some regs and schwag... and i havent seen schwag from the people i fuck with for years
  17. i love living near one of the biggest cities in the us of a.....cause theres never much of a drought at all

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