Dropping out of college?

Discussion in 'General' started by Agovita, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. I have some explaining to do, but basically, I'm thinking about dropping out of college.

    First off, I'm not the unmotivated stoner type, and that wouldn't be the reason behind dropping out. Right now, I'm the GM of a local nutrition store, and going to be a college pro franchise owner this summer. I live in Washington, and absolutely hate it. Its way too cold for me.

    I'm good at saving money, and good at spending it. I have two motorcycles and a car, computer, laptop, stock portfolio, etc. I'm 19 y/o and a Junior here at WSU. I'm pretty good at whatever I apply myself to, and can almost always make it work. Now, plans once out of college are to move to the Oregon coast, buy a little rural house, grow MJ, own my own business, and ride dirtbikes all the time.

    Furthermore, I hate schooling. I think its completely useless,and they dont teach you anything good. I was homeschooled from third to eight grade, came back for HS, and graduated with a 3.93 GPA, and felt that I didnt learn anything relevant to life. Same feeling that I'm getting here at college.

    Now, how many of you have not completed college? Also, I'm really drawing a blank on entreprenuarialship ideas, so I'm not sure what kind of business I would open. Anyone have any possibly lucrative (enough to live on) ideas?
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    what part of washington you from? i'm from the yakima valley and I'm a junior at CWU....well maybe you should take one of those talent/skills asset test to see what you are good at, and then make your decision?
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    College to me seems like a necessity these days. And it depresses me.
    Because its often expensive.
    Especially with the employment rate.
    It feels like if you go without a degree, its like...
    "good, luck getting a secure job that doesn't suck balls"

    You're right about most schools teaching worthless shit, but its all for the degree.
    I hate that we basically go 4 years for a piece of paper saying we're qualified.

    You're only 19, I'd personally stick it out. You're going to come out of college with a big advantage over HS grads. You've got the rest of your life to be a lazy bum... if you graduate college, you just have more $ to blow generally, thus more comfortable, lazy ass living.
  4. Just finish it. You got what a year left, whats the rush to start ur business so soon anyway?
  5. A year from now it's going to be hard enough to get a decent job WITH a college degree, what with the current state of the economy.

    If you want to lead even a moderately comfortable life, you're ass better get in gear and get that degree
  6. I have two years left. I switched majors from mechanical engineering to operations management, so I have two years left. If I had one, I wouldnt leave. I realize that 'getting' a job would be hard, but you should realize that I dont plan on 'getting' a job. I plan on creating one.
  7. yea... we're all gonna tell you our good business ideas... we smoke pot, we aren't mentally handicapped

  8. Your life is something that shouldn't be left up to chance... Get the degree as a fallback and then pursue what you truly want to do.

    Better than not getting it, trying to pursue what you really want to do, then falling flat on your face and having no safety net.
  9. Stick it out. I think you'll be better off. I love college. Such a great experience.
  10. QFT Listen to this man.

    I basically have the same plan in life as you... Except, I plan on living in Hawaii, and plan on getting a college degree before I venture out into the world all alone with nothing else to fall back on except for the good grace of my parents, which I plan to never fall back into.

    Good luck man, my 2 cents - stay in school.
  11. suburban toker. While I respect that not all pot heads are mental inebriates, I think you misunderstood. I don't want your prized invention thats going to sweep the nation by wave; sandwhich shop, skateboard shop. Taxi service? Not the vacuum all over again.
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    open a resturant. a real one.

    specialize in not just having good food, but variety... enough of the spagetti and hamburgers, try something exotic
  13. Sadly, that hits below the belt. Before college, I almost went to a culinary institute, because I'm good at cooking. I heard though that *most* new restaurants go out of business, like, more than other new businesses.
  14. you know what, sometimes i wish i was born to some rich family so i dont have to go to college. i hate college too, but dropping out is NOT an option right now.

    what kinda job would you expect to have without a college degree? .. well a sucky one at best. dont drop out, you have one and a half years left, so why quit now?!
  15. stick with it, especially with the way the economy is going now. if your a junior you made it more than half way, why quit now?
  16. yeah they fail more often, but bank bigger if you dont fail... if you dont take risks there aren't going to be any rewards.
  17. True that. Also, I'm banking on having 20-30K at the end of the summer, if all things go well, so I'd have a startup fund. Not cover it all obviously, but some... And again, this is all kinda just wishfull thinking.
  18. The only part of your plan thats a good idea is moving to the Oregon coast, if I were to move anywhere I wouldn't leave...diverse country and shit. Seriously you will want to smoke a joint in Eastarn Oregon its beautiful same with the lush forests of the valley, and the beach.

    I love it here, dank shit too. If you ever come by here and grow I would totally buy from you when I go to the beach.

    But don't quit college you are too far(hate to be repetitive.) A change of scenery though is not a bad idea.
  19. dropping outta college?
    been there done that...not proud about myself either...now i fall victim to the economy...job hunts suck
  20. In that case, does anyone know if I can get in state tuition to Oregon state university from WSU? :p

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