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  1. hey guys. I noticed a few days ago my plants leaves were starting to get droopy. Growing in 70/30 coco/perlite. I had been having some dramas with creeping up PH. Still trying to work out why. I had backed the nutes off to 1/2 dose last week, they started showing some cal/mag deficiency so I went back to full rate with calmag. I transferred them to a bigger pot (fabric)

    I had read adding a few inch of hydroton to the bottom of the pot helps drainage? Maybe not draining?

    I was growing in 1gal plastic pots. Feeding twice a day. Now up to 3gal pots. Watering same times. Maybe over watering?

    I changed lights last week from T5 to My 3x 288 QBs. I have started the lights about 3ft off plants. Light to low/high? To bright?

    It’s winter here in Australia so temps are getting low here. Getting Temps from about 15c-25c. Plants to cold? RH% 60-70.

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  2. As long as you have drain holes in the bottom of the pot you shouldn't have a drainage problem.
    Impossible to over water with a 70/30 coco/perlite mix.
    Why are the leaves wet?
    Do you feed to run off?
    Your plant doesn't look that droopy.
    Good luck.
  3. It’s a fabric pot they don’t really have holes just water comes through the fabric

    They were wet cause I had gave them a good flush.

    Yeah I let the run off come out for about 10-15secs they get plenty of runoff

    Really? Out of all of the plants I’ve grown I haven’t seen one drop that much. But this is my first grow in coco.
  4. I'm growing outside in a grow tent in England where the night temp has dropped to 12 degrees and my leaves looked similar for a bit but perked up when the weather got warmer.

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