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Dropping eye drops on urine for a DT

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by DkN_Haze, May 25, 2009.

  1. I have heard rumors that if you drop a ratio of eye drops to urine it will dilute the thc, Is this a myth?
    <3 One Love
  2. Thank you man you always come through with good answers
  3. No problem :].
  4. so does it really work?
  5. ???
    does it
  6. read the article posted, yes it does
  7. haha in the time you were waiting and bumped you could have read the article but I feel you. I took a glance at it and it's terrible format and pretty long with lots of complicated words I never heard of
  8. so if i pour a shitcock of some visine into my pee, i can pass a drug test
  9. read the article, use their measurements, know your drugtest, diluting it too much will make it clear, most places dont even accept clear shit
  10. The article isn't too complicate to read, you just have to know some basic vocabulary.
  11. it kinda confused me.. im gonna go pick up visine tomorrow and try it on my home test with the whole bottle of it and have like 10 bottles stored

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