Dropping all your stuff, and just leave...

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  1. anyone think of that often?

    sometimes i wish i just lived in the mountains with a little cabin, vegtable garden, and farm animals. it would be the shit to just live off the land and my own food. have a little recording studio in the loft and id be set.

    what about you guys? would you go live in the mountains and just live life like we should?
  2. Yea, 1 day tho...
  3. I've thought about it, several times. Especially when the world starts to become too real. Like when college piles up, the dangers of smoking (as far as legal issues) become very pronounced, everything is so expensive, you see all the corruption of this world and the frustrating complexity of it all?
    Yeah, if I could know for sure that I could and had everything set up and ready to go, I would move straight out into the canadian rockies and smoke up all day :D

    But what usually has me hesitating is all the things that I supposedly "can't live without." For example, internet, hot water, electricity, TV, games, etc... That is, assuming I was to move out into isolation making and spending no money.
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    i want to just live in a hut in like idaho but i dont know how to get it all started.

    i can live without all kinds of shit. there are basically no modern comforts i feel that i need. for example all 2221 of my posts on here are out of the boredom domesticated life creates.
  5. my parents have a vacation house in the desert that they let me go up there with some friends if i want, always stocked with alcohol too, so its great.
  6. its 2222 now. haha. but, i know man i dont need computers, cell phones, cars. fuck ill take a horse, vegtables seeds, mj seeds, a longbow, shotgun, .22 and some deer meat n ill make it just fine. build my house before i decide to "burn all my money like the guy in into the wild
  7. see man? thats the problem i dont know how to do any of that shit! ive never even been camping! shit ive been fishing probably a grand total of 30 minutes my entire life. dude if i knew how to garden and and hunt and all that id be so gone right now. im trapped in a 'concrete wilderness' and it blows.

  8. fuck, its really easy man. if you need to eat, you could kill something. just get a gun, start shootin at the range. then just pack up and leave..

    read some shit about marijuana growing and just use it with veggies.. it should work decent. minus the lst, scrog, hyrdo. all that shit obv.
  9. Reminds me of today.

    When the world becomes too real for me, I just want to escape it all and leave my life behind and start brand new somewhere else.

    But for now, I'm stuck in school to try to finish getting my degree.. After that hopefully I can get away and those 3 years of German I took in high school will pay off for me.

  10. amen brother. grow some danks, jam out and eat dank wildlife all the time, can forget a fishing pole too
  11. ive actually been watching survivor man and looking up youtube vids on how to snare animals. still have a long way to go...
  12. keep studying..! we should get a ton of blades to start "the village" up in the mountains, and we can all trade cannabis and food!

    august west can help me garden!
  13. if i didnt own this place i have......i'd really consider just jumping a greyhound and going to different places,, but then again i got a motorcycle,,,, so i'd proablly ride there...

    but i got enough trade skills under my belt to get work in any town... big or small..

    just spread my seed all over america.

    i took my first picture of my ppant today so im whoring it out,,, how does she look ?
  14. Maybe if I got a few agriculture, and botany, and survivalism classes under my belt I would one day drop it all and leave.
  15. i been working on the greyhound method. only thing is i have like zero 'skills' just a few years of construction labor where i just did all the grunt work and learned very little. i feel like the modern american system has left me brutally unprepared....

    they have survivalism classes???? i am interested
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    ive basically got it all down, dad taught me alot of shit.. hunting really helped too. botany? man i dont know shit and i have two tomatoe plants, like 8 pepper plants, and a shit load of herbs.. its all water, and good soil, and good weather.. not that hard..

    btw chicken, im jealous of your plant.. one day, ill be able to grow the sweeet mj.

    wooohoo 1,000 posts!! finally broke a grand
  17. ya the gardening part seems easy enough. stuff like hunting is beyond comprehension for me it seems like. i have absolutely no idea where to find game, how to shoot it, ect.

    which brings me back to playing with the idea of joining the military. at least it would provide a little thrill to break the monotony and teach me some things along the way
  18. you can never get away from the military.... think about it
  19. I think about this constantly.

    More and more as life goes on, actually.

    Gimme a cabin in the Pacific Northwest, and I'll be straight.

  20. HOW FAR IN THE '' concrete jungle are you'' ?...

    HUNTING IS THE BASICS OF SURVIVAL.... i hunt at least every 3 years...i dont do it constantlly i'll take a year or 2 break,,, but i got the tree stand the bow,, the black powder gun,.. the 30/30... i do it all out,,, camp in a tent,,,, cook off burnt coals on a skillet,,, e.t.c.

    and your joining the military idea, is great... but now my brutha is not the time for that ,,,, the man that the military needs right now is a street smart woodsy type person....

    ..the way you described yourself in your post,,,,,,,,,

    you'd get your head blew off.... so be chill and stay out of the military....;)


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