Dropping acid tonight. Anyone else?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Emblazened, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. I'm about to drop two tabs of acid with some buddies tonight.

    Anyone else tripping tonight? Let us know what it is here.

    Good vibes to all of today's trippers, I shall return in the morning.
  2. i wonder how many people trip on acid per day, in the whole world.

    thatd be a cool number to see
  3. Not tripping tonight tomorrow Im driving up to Boone NC and my buddy up there who goes to app state says he can gets DMT and molly pretty steady. So hopefully tomorrow ill be up on that :D. Good vibes:D
  4. I got 2 doses for tomorrow...and it's my first time!

  5. hey man good luck to u and best vibes for your trip. have fun and enjoy great times with good friends. they will be unforgettable, not matter how much u blaze haha.
  6. Gunna drop some tonight as well and keep redosing till I feel like it.:cool: Weekly trips bi-weekly candy flips.
  7. Whats the paper pattern? seen alot of white on white lately, not trippin myself for atleast another week or so but good vibes to you, try meditation prior and an ice bath for 10 minutes durring
  8. acid is plentiful up in boone too

    thats where i picked up 30 hits a while ago

    im candy flippin tonight

    got some rolls and some mushies

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