dropping acid, need activity idea's

Discussion in 'General' started by isparkmygreens, Aug 10, 2007.

  1. Well im droping some acid tommorow,

    1. Whats some good music i can trip on?
    2. What can i do that will be fun. ( im goingt o draw a picture, maybe write in a journal, watching the new willy wonka movie.)
    3. ive done this already but im thinging bout taking a serious does,(4 pyramids of some serious shit) Any advice.
  2. I haven't dropped acid before but I have shroomed a couple times. Heres my answers to your questions.

    1. It depends on what you are in to. If you want to listen to one type of music only, make sure your tripping buddies are kool with the choice. If anyone is uncomfortable with the tunes, they must be changed. Pink Floyd kicks ass though.

    2 Get glow sticks, they rock. Eat jello, its orgasmic. Spend time in nature, you'll wanna become one with it.

    3. I'm no expert on high doses of psychadelics, sorry.
  3. thanks for the advice any specific song names?
  4. I'm not very experienced with acid either, but my best suggestion is to put on some old school looney tunes, like the bugs bunny and daffy duck looney toons.
  5. Lmao sounds like a ball gonna try it.
  6. just play dark side of the moon!
  7. AIght anything else?
  8. Yes, listen to dark side of the moon while watching a sweet visualizer.
  9. AGREED, I would suggest watching The Wall, but I found it very unpleasant and a possable bad trip trigger. If you like The Beatles you must watch "Yellow Submarine" its......something else.:)
  10. I want to make some thing of it, i dont want to sit for 18 hours looking atthe cealing.
  11. i ate acid for the first time the other day on sunday up at spac. i gotta say man you wont really need to plan out things to do youll get strange ideas while your tripping. i had a lot of fun listening to the dead live but id recommend going outside maybe watching family guy or something but chilling with your buds and maybe smoking a couple bowls will be really entertaining:smoking:
  12. Yea, thanks. Im getting kind of anksious (sp lol) Im going to come on and post when i trip , that wil be fun, you know im going to draw a picture and post it lol.
  13. go outside

    there is nothing, and i mean NOTHING, like tripping in nature. Dont plan shit out, just go with the flow, its worked much better that way for me.
  14. ive been wanting trip on acid but ive been waiting for my parents to go out of town for sometime now

    its cause the trip last for 12 hours and i wanna be able to go home without being paranoid about getting caught by my parents

    post how the trip was afterwards
  15. i hear its not that bad. like youre reborn.
  16. Play xbox or something, midnight club street racing was crazy, halo i herd is so intense. I'm usually not one for video games, but it just helps take your trip in a good direction.... keeps your mind on something so its not off falling into a bad trip. My acid trip song, whenever i hear this song i just get a flash back to good memories - and damn i just forgot.... what it was but its that song that goes "hello hello hello... is there anybody ouuttt there..." and is really mellow.... (i dont know why i cant remember it..70's song)

    And try watching the sunrise/sunset... reaaly interesting.
  17. Also, on the 27th of this month (or 28th cant remember) mars will be almost as big as the moon (around 12:30 at night) so that would be interesting on acid - cause it would look like there were 2 moons
  18. good advice h4, +rep.
    The song is Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd.

    I'm tripping on Sunday and I'm really excited because I'll be dropping like 6-8 hits of medium potency acid with 3 of my best friends. My parents have a nice cabin in the woods in Payson, Arizona so the plan is to drop the Atomic Bomb, walk through trails in the woods for a few hours, and head back to the cabin. I'm thinking of bringing the Xbox and some good tunes. That song by pink flloyd will be playing in the surround sound I have in that cabin.

    I want to bring some glow-sticks too, so I can listen to Infected Mushroom on my Ipod Dock with the lights off! If we're on a clear plane of thinking then we'll light up a campfire in my backyard and hopefully remember to put it out.

    So I'm preparing for the trip by meditating everyday and reading books like The Four Agreements and Johnathan Livingston Seagull. My only worry is that one of us will trip out too hard and send everyone else into the downward spiral of a collective bad trip.

    Wish me luck and I'll most definately be posting about it on Monday. :wave:
  19. Watch the following two movies loud, preferably with surround sound, and in a dark room...

    eXistenZ, fantastic Cronenberg flick... Not for everyone, but a wonderful movie to watch while on acid :)

    And of course Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas... You just can't go wrong :)
  20. Haha dude, I was just at SPAC for Big Day Out.

    That place is cool, except during Big Day Out theres so many fucking peopel they had cops patrolling the parking lots like crazy. Couldn't drink my beers in peace. Then finally I got in and they lock all the beer drinkers in a fuckin cage so I couldn't even watch the bands and drink. Pissed me right off.

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