Dropped stash in front of a cop

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by dank spanko, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. I rolled up to the side of the curb next to my house (my house is on a very busy street). I then proceeded to park and as I was stepped out of my car I dropped my bud that I had in this pill bottle looking container on the ground. The second I reached down to get it a cruiser passes by going slow just watching me pick it up. I'm 100 percent positive he knew what it was, I got pretty lucky. Gotta love socal, anybody have any similar stories? :smoke:
  2. Man If you were in my town in Connecticut, the SWAT team would have rolled up!! lol
  3. man so many people live in ct on gc. what town? im in danbury area. cops dont do shit hurrr
  4. lol i bet your heart dropped when you looked up. :smoke:

  5. Hey No way bro! Im from the Waterbury/Naugatuck area!
  6. Im from naugy here, you get caught with pot...
    Stoner- Really dude...
    then swat comes.. you would prbly get off with a warning if you had anthrax tho.
    damn ignorant mother F*uckers. we have a cop thats jacked up on roids but thats fine with everyone. we celebrate his big dumb ass for some reason.

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